Games Republic: Special Giveaway Winners!

Update #2:

It turned out that the 50% off codes are for This War of Mine only, sorry for the mix up guys, it’s not my fault :(


I’ve just sent some codes to some of you, please note that those codes are valid in May only. Use them on!

Alright guys, I’m back, here are the winners from the Games Republic Special Giveaway. Also check out the sale on their site – Day 7:

This War of Mine game + 50% off vouchers:

50% off vouchers:

Please accept my Steam friend request or add my on your own to get your codes. Thanks again to Games Republic for the great giveaway!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. _Evan

    Thanks.. Waiting to get your codes.. but still hoping to get the game :( sad life.

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  2. stranded

    just message me and I will paste you the code in my free time, I’m on the computer right now :)

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  3. AKA db

    Hey there, thank you for this. You’re awesome!

    I’ve already added you on Steam. Now what? Do you need me to message you, or will you reach out to me?

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