Weekend Deals (26.02.2017)

Here are best Weekend Deals for the last days of February! There is a lot of nice deals today, I can't remember the last time we had so many of them. Check them out below! Another Intel special promo on GMG (Ryzen hype much?): Featuring: Insurgency £1.29 DOOM £17.99 This War of Mine £2.99 Rocket League (and some DLCs here) £11.24 Dead Rising 4 (EU) €27.19 The Hunter Call of The Wild €23.69 STYX Shards…


Games Republic: Special Giveaway Winners!

Update #2: It turned out that the 50% off codes are for This War of Mine only, sorry for the mix up guys, it's not my fault :( Update: I've just sent some codes to some of you, please note that those codes are valid in May only. Use them on https://steamunpowered.gamesrepublic.com! Alright guys, I'm back, here are the winners from the Games Republic Special Giveaway. Also check out the…

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