Fortnite Early Access starts tomorrow!

Hey guys, Fortnite is finally going into Early Access mode. You can purchase the game on their website at lower price if you’ve played in the alpha. Pre-loading should start soon :)

Check out the launch trailer on YouTube! As soon as I get some invites in my hands I will post them here as a giveaway.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Peter (still not parker)

    “One more thing…”

    “So why do people ‘like it’ and don’t criticize it too much?”
    This is the effect of putting such price tags on bad games. If a player pays 60-100$ for a game, they won’t run on forums and cry about issues because well, it’s the classic case of “the fool and his money”. I am also a fool, I purchased a copy. A decision which I deeply regret.

    Early Access, Free-To-Play “packages”, “headstart”… never, ever, ever again.

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  2. Peter (not parker)


    I am your friendly money saver goblin.
    Okay, jokes aside…
    – The game is a big pile of MESS. The interface… it’s the worst I have seen in long years.
    Like they kept adding just random content, and then they threw this interface together months ago (this is not made up, alpha players know this, you can look this up.)
    – The content seems vast, yet it’s just the wrapping on the box. It’s basically the very same thing over and over again. They have added lots of minigames like managing squads, but it adds nothing to the gameplay.
    – The higher tiers are literally useless. Buy the cheapest if you must. Like the “Defenders”, they are basically NPC towers that shoot. But since ammo is costly, and you have to feed them ammo, they are pretty much worthless. (The text on the store page is an outright lie.)
    – Having a party is usually a must due to this ammo misery, but then you will meet griefers.
    – The incredible amount of grind. Grind over grind and grind. And it’s not even fun grind.

    So what can I say… I am very disappointed in the game so far.
    Basically, it’s a good idea. But EPIC remade the game SO MANY TIMES, it’s just a confusing mess.
    Should they scrap the game? NO.
    It would simply need time. THIS is the point where they at least have a final form of “what it should be”, and now they would need like a year or two to get it into a proper shape.

    Then again.
    – EPIC spent unimaginable amounts of money on this thing.
    – They probably decided they cannot lose any more money.
    – So they added a huge price tag, and tons of paywalls to the game.

    It’s truly sad.
    tl;dr: Don’t buy. Watch videos on Youtube, or streams. Stream is better because it’s uncut.
    You will see what I am talking about.

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