Fortnite Early Access starts tomorrow!

Hey guys, Fortnite is finally going into Early Access mode. You can purchase the game on their website at lower price if you’ve played in the alpha. Pre-loading should start soon :)

Check out the launch trailer on YouTube! As soon as I get some invites in my hands I will post them here as a giveaway.

Fortnite enters Early Access on July 25!

I have been playing Fortnite around a year ago with my friend Zuko for hunderds of hours and I really think that this game is amazing! I haven’t touched it since because they have reset all of the game progress. I will invite some of you to the game as soon as I get more invites!

Fortnite is still under NDA until July 20 at 10 a.m. Eastern/7 a.m. Pacific but I guess I can at least describe what it is.

I would say it’s a nice mix of a survival game, Minecraft like building but a little bit more complex, Left 4 Dead because of hordes attacking your structures and finally a nice TPP shooter (although you can switch to FPS camera mode). The game looks really good because it’s powered by the mighty Unreal Engine 4.x. However it is a little bit demanding when it comes to PC hardware, you need at least 8GB of RAM and something more powerful than GeForce GTX 680 to play it smoothly. Mobile GPUs can’t really handle the game unless it’s the 9xx family of cards.

Epic Games have significantly changed the game over the last few years (since first E3 announcement), the have added cut-scenes, more characters, balanced the shit out of the game. I’m playing it once more and can’t wait until it comes out! The game enters Early Access on July 25 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

You can start joining our little community if you’re interested! It’s on – you will find some nice guides on how to play the game right after the release plus a live stream Twitch channel.

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And the Fortnite invites go to…

OK I guess this game isn’t that popular anymore? Or maybe not eveyone knows how cool it is :D – I will keep on giving those invites away as soon as I get them in the future.

Fortnite Giveaway SteamUnpowered Free

Here are the randomly picked winners from that news post I made earlier:

Marc Schmidt

Josh Haskins

The invites have been sent to the e-mail you’ve used to register on this site, have fun!

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Fortnite invites inside, enter giveaway now!

Just got another Fortnite invites and I can invite 2 players into the game. If you are interested please post a comment under this post or our social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc) on why would you want to get the invite and maybe you will get it. I’m gonna pick the winners on Friday (April 15th). Thanks for reading! :-)

Fortnite Giveaway SteamUnpowered Free

Fortnite and Paragon giveaway winners inside!

Here are the winners :D I’ve sent you the invites, one guy needs to wait for Jaex (ShareX developer!) to send him Paragon invite. Edit: Last invite sent!

Paragon Fortnite WINNERS

Epic Games Giveaway

Fortnite invites go to:

Paragon invites go to:

  • Thrash1895
  • Zekk (invite coming a little bit later, as soon as Jaex sends it!)

I guess you guys can switch the games between each other if you want. Please accept the invites and if you want add me to your friends list, I will be more than happy to help you out in Fortnite and maybe in Paragon during the weekend! More giveaways coming soon! :)

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Six hours left, Fortnite and Paragon giveaway!

If you want to have a chance to win Fortnite or Paragon invite go here! Additionally I just got one more invite for Paragon. So 2 x Fortnite and 2 x Paragon :D

Epic Games Giveaway – Fortnite and Paragon invites inside

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Epic Games Giveaway – Fortnite and Paragon invites inside!

Hello! I’m really liking Fortnite myself, it’s an amazing game! Just got another batch of invites and decided to give them away. Along with one Paragon invite, I’ve only played this one once so far but it looks like a nice MOBA game.

Epic Games Giveaway – Fortnite and Paragon invites inside

What do you have to do? Simply join the giveaway on Gleam. All you need to do is join our Steam group. It ends on February 5th 2016.


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Fortnite alpha begins today!

If you’re lucky enough you can play Fortnite from Epic Games today. You can sign up for the alpha access by clicking here. If you’ve registered on the site few years back – when it was announced as a coop, Unreal Engine 4 game – just wait for your invite.

Fortnite Alpha

What’s Fortnite? Watch the video below:

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