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Valve delivers fresh infusions to its biggest franchises: Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2 and Team Fortress.

Gabe Newell mentions the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott group. You can find out a lot about Left 4 Dead 2 and see the new campaign for Left 4 Dead – Crash Course.

Gabe also answers a lot of questions asked on Twitter. Too bad we didn’t know about that…we could have asked about the prices…oh wait, we just did.

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  1. Roach

    Yup, its hard to find a post by an official member of Valve.. was different in the old days tough, when they still cared about the community..

    So the AI director l4d has is a broken peace of shit ? and it was impossible to replace the V1 AI director for the V2 AI Director ? does that justify a whole new game ? i dun think so.

    Third : http://www.ea.com/games/left-4-dead-2 you can preorder it there for 50 dollars.. and we all know how steam convert prices (will prolly be 60 euro’s for the Tier 1 guys!)

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  2. XanderCz

    Ok, first of all – VALVe employees DONT go to the forums very often, its just the volunteer mods.
    Second – its very nice that you have pointed out ‘all’ the new things in L4D2, but you forgot about the AI director which is very improved. Now, it might sound like its nothing, but when I started making maps for L4D1 I realized how helpful the director is, so DO NOT forget about this too.
    And third – where did you learn that the price is gonna be 50 euro? If you have a link somewhere please post it.
    So until the price is officially announced I wouldnt be concerned with it that much.

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  3. 0cube


    so whats new?
    few new weapons stolen from cs(+s). oh and i have to correct something… the weapons are not only “stolen” from cs, but also from tf2 (grenade launcher)
    new weapons we know about:
    TMP (silenced Uzi from l4d1)
    Grenade launcher
    re-skins of the old weapon models

    New Melee weapons:
    frying pan
    baseball bat
    cricket bat

    New specinfected:
    The spitter
    The Charger

    Other new stuff:
    Incendiary ammo*
    Zombies with kevlar

    those things could be added to l4d as a dlc! and if valve wants to make money… i would also pay for that dlc! but NOT 50€!
    even 35 € would be too much.. something like 10-15€ would this be worth it

    *Incendiary ammo can be added as a plugin into left 4 dead ONE111!!!111

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  4. glubbar

    Come on guys… You got to admit Valve is being very innovative marketing-wise. And listening to Gabe and Chet, they bot sound honest. And seriously look at L4D2, it DOES look good! It’s not an independent game, it’s a big game with (5?) new campaigns and new stuffs all around, plus it’s a sequel to the storyline.

    I’m not trying to prove you wrong, just saying that L4D2 is worth it, and the only problem with it will be the price difference throughout the world. As usual with Valve.

    I didn’t join the boycott group, because I was really surprised by the trailer at the time (and still am) and I believe they will still support L4D. And even if they don’t after Crash Course (the upcoming DLC), all these updates were FREE! Which is not the case with lots of other games (non Valve games that is).
    So as long as they keep updating their games for free, I don’t see the problem with L4D2. If it’s just a mean to make money, well so be it
    Anyway, as I said before, I suggest we wait for the price to become fair first. That would be the sole reason why I’m boycotting L4D2.

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  5. Roach

    Totally agree with 0cube..

    coudnt have said it better.. people like Slay just like to get screwed over i guess.

    – Prices fooked
    – Nothing new or special in l4d2 that coudnt have bee nadded to l4d
    – l4d will prolly get a small DLC just to shut up the boycot group (hey we did suppor tthe game ! we added 1 whole map and a melee weapon!)

    i still say fuck valve, they keep getting worse and worse.. releasing a half finished game for 50 euro’s than release a “sequel” a year later for the same money.. NICE!

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  6. 0cube

    theres something not right with that “1” day after infection…
    Watch the intro of the game, it says “2 weeks after first infection”

    at the other hand….. what new graphics should come in this period? the source engine is not a wonder engine! its graphical abilitys are limited, so l4d2 wont get very much graphical expansion.

    then i dont understand your maths (maybe its just me or something else…)

    and…. how you think valve games are priced fairly? thats simply not true! in tier 1 the prices are 1€=1$ style!
    halflife episode 2 costs 15€ in in tier 1 which is same number in dollars….

    the prices YOU are talking about are tier 2, because ep1 costs only 8€ IN tier 2!
    if you type this, at least also tell us which tier you are talking about, because i thought “wow, what a wonder, valve is gettin’ serious now!”

    l4d2 will NOT cost 37€! why do i know? you can prepurchase it on amazon for 45$, basically i think on steam they’ll sell it for 50$ (=50€ in tier 1), so as a COMPLETE NEW GAME

    next is that 2 “similar” games. so whats “new”. few new weapons(which are just stolen from counter strike), close combat weps (thats a new IDEA) and new specinfected (well…. thats also new) oh and i forgot 4 new characters, which i personally dont like, because they look a bit…. you know….

    and this 1 dlc they are doing…. what do you think why they are doing it? i think its because of pressure from boycott groups… because this “little” campaign is JUST 2 maps. I dont think they would not make this dlc, if there was no boycotting group. they “just” wanted to show us that they

    Alright, i agree with you, that some valve guys should be fired…. but i still dont get your math there xD

    QUOTE: Maybe they don’t even know about their pricings in Europe.
    ANSWER: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=770231

    steam UNpowered site admin, stranded, got banned because of making this thread!!!
    ==> so valve DOES know about that. they also said they are fixing that… but till nothing happened.

    so that was it from me, 0cube – signing out (xD)

    P.s.: this should be no offense in anyway; this is my, and my opinion only, if i am wrong with something, please correct me; and i just wanted to say this (:P)

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  7. slay


    I wanted to say something about previous posts and something positive about Valve. And sorry for long post :)

    About episodes. As Gabe says on video that L4D1 was 1 day after infection, L4D2 was 3 days after infection. So it is a sequel or next episode.

    Cutting games into episodes in times like this, when computer hardware evolves so quick, is actually good thing. They can always make graphics nicer, smoother and add new fancy things inside new episode. Do you remember Return To Castle Wolfenstein? They started to develop sequel but computer hardware got so massive boost so they cancelled the progress and came out with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, freeware multiplayer game.

    About price. L4D2 costs ca 50$ for US citizens but fortunately (all?) Valve games have fair prices in Steam. So I believe that it won’t be 50 EUR, it is ca 40 EUR and L4D1 costs ca 25EUR for.

    For comparison Halflife2 episode prices:
    Halflife2 episode1 costs 8 EUR and episode2 12 EUR (8 + 8/2 = 12)

    When you cut L4D1 price half and add it, you will get ca 37 EUR, which is almost same that I said. (25 + 25/2 = ~37)

    About coming out. L4D1 came out on 18th November. L4D2 is supposed to get out on 17th November. Isn’t that strange? :) They really wanted to do something special. Remember, how long people waited for Half-life2? It was 5 years long waiting.

    About updates.
    Try check the news:
    “You are currently filtering news posts by: Product: Left 4 Dead
    36 results were returned using these filter settings.”
    So, they are supporting, DLC’s and stuff are already coming up. They just had to finish the sequel before developing the first one.

    In that video Gabe said that they tried something that no one has tried before (which was publishing 2 similiar things out within a year). So they are just innovative. And this is not the first time.
    Valve started the episode things. Now there are some more games that are splitted to episodes: SiN, Wallace and Gromit, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Bone, Strong Bad.
    Valve was the first one, who started to support that nice falcon game controller.

    So there is no need to mindlessly bash everything Valve does.

    I personally think that there is a sick financial marketing director who sets the awfully unfair prices for non-Valve games. I believe that he has a special tool which he uses (imagine maniacal laughter also!) to set the prices. The tool is a 24 sided dice, where are sides like that:
    6 sides – +10%
    5 sides – +20%
    4 sides – +30%
    3 sides – +40%
    2 sides – +50%
    2 sides – same price than US
    1 side – -10%
    1 side – -20%

    This means that there are some guys in Valve that should be replaced. And please bash them, not the whole company :)

    Maybe we should “hire” PR-guy here who will get (or has) contact inside Valve and can discuss directly about some concerning things. And all other’s will find the flaws and things that may be bugs and our PR guy reports them. So basically our community finds bugs and Valve fixes them :) And maybe then they will be more interested who we really are and why are we so upset. Maybe they don’t even know about their pricings in Europe.

    Okay, have fun! :)

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  8. XanderCz

    Honestly, Id like to know if there would be any boycott group if L4D2 would be supposed to come out 2 years later after 1st one. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that L4D2 being released 1 yr after the 1st is good but… Im just wondering you know?
    Part of me just thinks that a lot of the people in the group is more likely upset about the new game being released that early and not about VALVe not supporting the game.
    Id also like to point out that by ‘not supporting’ the game(releasing maps etc.) they are basicaly giving a chance to the community mappers, modders and such. Because the players are HUNGRY for new content and, like I said, it gives an opportunity for the people that want to make maps for this, be seen.

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  9. Roach

    i saw some movies of l4d2 and i disagree with the “episode” thing.. i still feel fucked, everything could have been in L4D..

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  10. Roach

    nice.. a 50 EURO episode !

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  11. popovich

    Travis Pastrana moved to rallies….damn :)
    The first guy that pulled off double mid-air somersault with his motorcycle during some X-games, can’t remember which one though. That guy fu*king rocks! :) I wish they made L4D2 with Travis on his bike running over hundreds of zombies while doing “Superman” move xD

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  12. stranded

    the worst thing is that slay is actually right

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  13. slay

    actually left4dead2 doesn’t seem so bad at all

    left4dead2 is like episode 2 for left4dead1 :)

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  14. 0cube

    heya… in the video gabe says something about last year, 10.000 emails and counter strike 2…. do you got a link to that show too?

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