EA Games loses thousands of dollars

EA Games has lost a whole lot of money after one of its last coupon campaign. Origin recently issued a coupon which wasn’t properly planned out – hence causing thousands of gamers and pirates at Reddit get away with a free downloading frenzy.

How did this happen? It just happens that EA recently released a coupon worth of $20 to people who took a special survey for the company. This coupon was supposed to expire on October 21, 2012 but somehow things didn’t go as they were planned out. Last weekend when Electronic Arts released this coupon, a downloading spree was initiated throughout the world.

The $20 software coupon code for EA games made its way to Reddit. Probably, someone believing in the age old ‘Sharing is Caring’ spirit, shared it at Reddit. That’s how people started downloading all kinds of games that were underneath the $20 price tag.

What made this issue more beneficial to freeloaders was the fact that the same coupon could be used a number of times by the same user. Therefore, hundreds of copies of Mass Effect 1, Dragon Age 2, World in Flames and FIFA Soccer 2012 were forcefully downloaded.

Other than the previously stated titles, more than 40 other games were also downloaded. Anything by EA, which was below $20, was downloaded for hours. The company has not responded to any queries concerning the financial damage that this coupon caused. On top of this, legit users who actually completed the survey form, had to part ways with their coupons because EA had it expire within a matter of few hours.

Source: The National

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  1. Kwai

    Oh no…now BF DLC’s prices gonna be more higher lol

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  2. Jibece

    I don’t think think EA don’t lost a lot of money.
    Ok, they giving a lot of games, so what? Anyone will buying it instead purchasing it? These games were already dead before the “promotion”, because they were always under the $20 level. The only cost for EA is the bandwith, and I don’t think this is that much.

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  3. Faark

    And as usual i was to late for anything :(

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