Diablo 3: Post release poll!

Hey guys! I am just curious myself so here’s the question:

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Should video game actors earn more cash?

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Today it turned out that people were duping gold in Diablo 3 (they were able to do that by changing clock settings in Windows)… oh dear.

So much fail in this relase, personally to me it feels like it’s an unfinished beta. Not even mentioning the random server lag in Americas that caused hundreds of dead Hardcore characters few hours ago.

Anyway enough of this ranting we’ll have another lottery, probably later this month! :-)


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I run this place! :D

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  1. m!nus

    Torchlight 2!

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  2. stranded

    SHIT FUCK COCK, that’s the main reason I created this site :D haha, I was sick of the censoring on Steam forums but I tottally understand why they did it with bad words.

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  3. popovich

    So basically Diablo 3 is crap? I’m sincerely disappointed.

    @slay: The fun is not gone, you just have to pay an arm and a leg to get it.
    Also, take it easy on the “shit”, “fuck” and “suck”. LOL

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  4. slay

    I hate this shit .
    The gameplay is almost okay, there are interesting features, but all other sucks. Mobs are unbalanced – the normal mobs are pussies but the special mobs are hard and when they are vampiric, you’re totally fucked. The story is catchy but it sucks and is predictable. The voice acting is a failure. There is 0 pathfinding, the moron simply can’t walk around the smallest corner. Error 37.

    And now they fucked up everything with auction house. They force players to use it.

    When you reach to hell difficulty, you simply have to buy shit from auction house otherwise you will get assraped in act 1, because the loot you find, is shit and you get fucked up on every corner. You even need auction house gear for killing badasses in nightmare difficulty.

    It’s like Farmville, you can do shit, but if you want more or more powerful shit, you have to pay shitload of money.

    Today I played Dirt3 – half of cars and tracks are locked out so you have to buy them from windows live marketplace. I ask what the fuck?!

    Is this the path the game industry is walking now? You buy a game for 50€ and then you have to buy gear for another shitload of money because otherwise you simply will not succeed to play.

    I ask why the fuck is the fun gone?

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  5. mik0

    “I don’t hate it but it’s not worth mentioning” option is needed too.
    The issue with the game is that seems unfinished, unpolished and for whom interested it has probably the worst story seen in years (even without comparing it with the prequels).
    Not something you should expect from the pre-Activision Blizzard, or that should require so much time and effort.

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  6. rankor

    Where is “Path of Exile!” option :P

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