Chance to win Hatred thanks to Destructive Creations!

Heyyyy! Thanks to Destructive Creations – a Polish independent studio – I’m proudly presenting our brand new giveaway. In this one you’ll have a chance to win Hatred for Steam!

If you’re not familiar with the title… well lets say it’s been pretty controversial, got removed from Greenlight (for the psychotic idea I guess?) and resurrected by the Gaben himself later on.

Now it’s available on Steam for €16,66 and I gotta say it isn’t just a controversial idea, it’s a really good game – imagine Postal but in isometric view combined with GTA. This is not for kids obviously so just play that alone in your basement and pretend that you’re normal.

How to win Hatred?

No Facebook, Twitter or other bullshit! Just leave a comment below and hope for the best!

Winners will be picked on November 30th. To leave a comment you have to login (no account? register) so I could send you the game by PM or e-mail.

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I run this place! :D

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    The comment is not important I SAID

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