Giveaway: Super Distro FREE game key!

Here is another one, get it fast and it’s yours. It’s a Steam key, it’s on the image if you can’t see it for some weird reason… ;)

Super Distro

Please leave a comment if you took it or at least click on Thanks below!

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Halloween Giveaway 2016

Update: If you left your comment here it counts too, fuck it :D, I’ll just pick winners from both places.

It’s here! This time around you will have a chance to win some nice Steam games including a few spooky, horror games. Simply go here and leave a comment. Winners are going to be picked at random.


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Big Fucking Giveaway 2 extended! #BFG2

Hey guys! I really don’t have much time to post on the site but and I’ve decided to extend the giveaway to the last day of August! :D Simply login on the site and enter the giveaway by going hereNo Facebook likes, no Twitter re-tweets and no bullshit, just register on site and fill out the quiz, we won’t send you any e-mails or any bullshit.

BFG2 Extended


Yo! Here is the Big Fucking Giveaway #2. Please fill out the quiz in here or click on the image below. Sign-ups start today and end on August 28th. Results coming up shortly after :)

No Facebook likes, no Twitter re-tweets and no bullshit, just register on site and fill out the quiz, we won’t send you any e-mails or any bullshit.

Big Fucking Giveaway 2

Free Steam keys for Big Space Mess, OutDrive, Unknown Battle, Journey to the center of the Earth

A lot of free Steam keys under this link. You need to join some groups, visits websites etc.


The games are:

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Couple of FREE Steam keys!

Just found some more giveaways to share :D Some of them require to join some Steam groups, follow profiles on Twitter etc, just use fake data I guess.

Steam News

Here are some free Steam games and DLCs:

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Hatred giveaway winners!

Hey!!! Here are the winners of the recent HATRED giveaway. I would really like to give it to everyone but I can’t. Once again thanks to Destructive Creations!

Hatred Giveaway Winners

The winners are:




The keys are region-free and Steam redeemable.

Please check your e-mail and thank you very much for visiting. More good stuff coming in few days!

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Chance to win Hatred thanks to Destructive Creations!

Heyyyy! Thanks to Destructive Creations – a Polish independent studio – I’m proudly presenting our brand new giveaway. In this one you’ll have a chance to win Hatred for Steam!

If you’re not familiar with the title… well lets say it’s been pretty controversial, got removed from Greenlight (for the psychotic idea I guess?) and resurrected by the Gaben himself later on.

Hatred Giveaway

Now it’s available on Steam for €16,66 and I gotta say it isn’t just a controversial idea, it’s a really good game – imagine Postal but in isometric view combined with GTA. This is not for kids obviously so just play that alone in your basement and pretend that you’re normal.

How to win Hatred?

No Facebook, Twitter or other bullshit! Just leave a comment below and hope for the best!

Winners will be picked on November 30th. To leave a comment you have to login (no account? register) so I could send you the game by PM or e-mail.

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