Halloween Giveaway 2016

Update: If you left your comment here it counts too, fuck it :D, I'll just pick winners from both places. It's here! This time around you will have a chance to win some nice Steam games including a few spooky, horror games. Simply go here and leave a comment. Winners are going to be picked at random.


Couple of FREE Steam keys!

Just found some more giveaways to share :D Some of them require to join some Steam groups, follow profiles on Twitter etc, just use fake data I guess. Here are some free Steam games and DLCs: Temper Tantrum Ace of Words Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II - Retribution - The Last Stand Necron Overlord Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf Alter World


Hatred giveaway winners!

Hey!!! Here are the winners of the recent HATRED giveaway. I would really like to give it to everyone but I can't. Once again thanks to Destructive Creations! The winners are: Goldbaersche mantisghost Jero The keys are region-free and Steam redeemable. Please check your e-mail and thank you very much for visiting. More good stuff coming in few days!


Chance to win Hatred thanks to Destructive Creations!

Heyyyy! Thanks to Destructive Creations - a Polish independent studio - I'm proudly presenting our brand new giveaway. In this one you'll have a chance to win Hatred for Steam! If you're not familiar with the title... well lets say it's been pretty controversial, got removed from Greenlight (for the psychotic idea I guess?) and resurrected by the Gaben himself later on. Now it's available on Steam for €16,66 and…


Random October – Day 16!

Yo! Got new keys, all games sent :) Thanks to OCK-CDKeys! You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. This is not a requirement or anything, just spreading the word! Day 15 winner is: Leave a comment below to have a chance to win a random game. Go! ;)


Late Summer Giveaway 2015!

Here it is guys, a nice quick giveaway thanks to DLGamer! This time just leave a comment on our website right under the giveaway news post and you will have a chance to win The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Elder Scrolls Online and 3 x Civilization V Complete Edition. There is no liking, following or any other stupid requirement! To participate simply leave a comment under the news post.…


Giveaway: Special giveaway is up, games and vouchers!

It's here! Special giveaway thanks to Games Republic is up. We have 5 x This War of Mine and 30 x voucher that give you 50% off any item in their store. How to win? Leave a comment on website. First 5 comments win the game and a 50% off voucher, the rest of you get the remaining 50% off vouchers. Remember to leave a link to your Steam community…


10 DAYS OF BALLS – Day 3 winners!

I liked these so much that I've decided that there will be 3 winners. Here they are: Goran (from Bosnia and Herzegovina), Onur Uygun (from Turkey) and Mozar Jimenez (Philippines)! Congrats, accept my invite on Steam and you will get some games from me :)

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Halloween Giveaway 2014 winners!

Update: All games except for the Bundle Stars bundles have been sent either yesterday or today in the morning. I’m still waiting for info from Bundle Stars on how to activate the bundles.

Hello gamers. Sorry for the delay, flu is a bitch. Halloween Giveaway ended few days ago, we had 5 question up. Here are the correct answers and the list of winners of almost 30 free games thanks to Bundle Stars, Red 5 Studios, Keys 4 Fun and Steam Unpowered.