Get Loaded 72 hours deal – 2 games for 12€

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I run this place! :D

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  1. hunshiki

    Guys, you missing the point. You could buy Metro for like 1 Euro back then. Batman? How old is that game?
    These games would definitely worth the 12 EUR, if they would come out NOW. Like…. now.

    This “deal” smells like a deal from Indie Royale when they just re-release a bunch of old “not-getting-any-more-sales” games.

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  2. Dragoon

    And a bit expensive when you think about Steam sales prices. Darksiders and Metro 2033 were sold for 2.50€ during various Sales (Sprin, Christmas, Special Event Sales.)
    About Batman Arkham City Goty I expect it will be sold for 7.50-5.0€ during Black Friday Sales (November 23rd) or Christmas Sales. Like it happend with Arkham Asylum Gotee

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  3. d32

    I’ve only played Batman and Metro and both games are GREAT. As in, better than great, better than good and definitely better than “garbage”

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  4. stranded


    none of these posts are paid. and I agree most of these games are garbage.

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  5. tvbegovic

    You gotta be kidding. Batman AC alone is worth that money. Great game with hundreds of hours of gameplay and fun. The problem with this pack is that I have them all, except cliffs of dover (not interested) and Darkness 2 (not having time to play it):

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  6. hunshiki

    None of those worth 12 EUR. Maybe 5 EUR for all of them. Maybe.
    (Sorry if it’s a paid ad.)

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