Weekend Deals (20.11.09)


21th Nov – added GamesPlanet weekend deal

*20th Nov – added Good Old Games weekend deal

Early start by GamersGate with 3 games 50% offKing’s Bounty The Legend, Rush for Berlin Gold and Sango 2 & Takeda 3 bundle. Then comes Steam with super deal!75% discount Frontlines™: Fuel of War™ and has very good price for EU! If you don’t afford or want MW2, buy this instead, it is 25 times cheaper :D Impulse is offering 12 games cheap on this weekend: Sacraboar, Tropico Reloaded, Prince of Persia®, Kingdom Elemental: Tactics, Iron Grip Warlord, Hacker Evolution – Untold, Nemesis of the Roman Empire, Warlords Battlecry III, Supreme Commander Gold, Scrapland, Capitalism II, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile – Alexandria. Good Old Games woke up too and is offering 50% discount for The Settlers (2 games)! GamesPlanet is giving 2 games for 50% discountTrine and King’s Bounty – The Legend.


Also check out Week 47 deals for this weeks specials.

PS. The list will be updated when new offers will pop up.
* – my computer date was 1 day in the future so I had wrong date here :D



Week 47 deals

Deals of the week 47

Weekend deals are not enough! And that’s true. We need deals all the time! :)

This week is started by GamersGate with 2 games – spacesim Evochron Legends and Tropico Reloaded. Good Old Games this weeks Hidden gem of the week is In Cold Blood. Steam has learned from the past and offered already today new pretty damn good deal – all Luxor games 75% off, Luxor Complete Pack 50% off! And finally Direct2Drive woke up and is offering nice indie game Crayon Physics Deluxe with 50% better price.

PS. The list will be updated as more deals pop up :)



Weekend Deals (13.11.09)

14th Nov - added GamesPlanet weekend deal Currently offers are from: GamersGate (3), Impulse (10), GamesPlanet (3) and Steam (5). Also check out Week 46 deals for this weeks specials.…


Week 46 deals

Deals of the week 46

Weekend deals are not enough :) And that’s true. We need deals all the time!

This week is started by Good Old Games with Hidden gem of the week Knights and Merchants. Followed by GamersGate with Fairy Tales: Three Heroes and Steam with Dreamkiller 33% off (with fair price)! While writing this post, Valve announced 3000AD games 50% discount also but it’s not so fair price!

PS. The list will be updated as more deals pop up :)



week 45 deals

Weekend deals are not enough :) And that’s true. We need deals all the time!

Here are deals from:


Good Old Games


  • Sacraboar, Gratuitous Space Battles, Restaurant Empire, Nemesis of the Roman Empire, Warlords Battlecry III, Capitalism II


PS. The list will be updated as more deals pop up :)



Weekend Deals (30.10.09)


This weekend post contains offers from Direct2Drive, GamersGate, Impulse, GoG, GamesPlanet and Steam.

31.10 10:37 – added GamesPlanet 2 offers
30.10 20:58
– added Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ to Impulse
30.10 18:31
– added Good Old Games Halloween promotional games
30.10 18:28
– added Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ to Steam



East India Company on 60% off sale

East India Company is really 50% off in Europe, ends November 2nd. East India Company http://store.steampowered.com/app/25939/ US: $29.99 $11.99 UK: £24.99 £6.99 (4% lower) EU: 29,99€ 14,99€ (84% higher) East…


Weekend Deals (16.10.09)



Half-Life complete

Half-Life Complete – (55,8% off)

US: $49.99 $21.99
UK: £26.99 £11.87 (12% lower)
EU Tier1: 49,99€ 21,99€ (49% higher)
EU Tier2: 37,99€ 9,99€ (32% lower)
EU Tier3: 37,99€ 9,99€ (32% lower)

55.8% of the participants judged Half-Life’s Dr. Gordon Freeman “All Time Greatest Game Hero” in Gamespot’s recent contest. To celebrate we are offering all Half-Life games at 55.8% off! Read more HERE!
NB! Half-life 1 had 3rd, final expansion too, but it was only for PlayStation 2 and was never officially ported to PC:
The third and final expansion for Half-Life was Half-Life: Decay. The game was again developed by Gearbox and published by Sierra. However, unlike previous titles, Decay is only available with the PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life Decay is unique within the Half-Life series as the only cooperative game—two players must work together to progress through the game. Decay focuses on two of Freeman’s colleagues, Gina Cross and Colette Green, as the two work with other scientists to counter the effects of the dimensional rift and ultimately attempt to close it.
Ukrainian independent developers have ported it for PC! Get it HERE!

Red Faction complete (Red Faction + Red Faction II + Red Faction Guerilla)

Red Faction complete

US: $44.97
UK: £44.97 £33.72 (23% higher)
EU: 59,97€ 44,97€ (49% higher)



THQ Week On Now – A Different Deal Every Day


Good news! Gaming gigant THQ is giving away this week their games for a lowered price! Every day new deal!

Monday: Titan Quest Gold Edition

Tuesday: Company of Heroes (Complete Pack)

Wednesday: Dawn of War (Complete Pack)

Thursday: Saints Row 2 (75% discount)

Weekend deal: Red Faction (Complete Pack)



Steam: Unreal Tournament anniversary!

Epic Games, Inc. invites everyone to check out Unreal Tournament 3 Black, the premier first-person shooter with more official content and community mods than ever before, completely free of charge…


Steam: Garry’s Mod 50% off

  It’s still worth getting it (even though it’s over priced all over Europe) ;) US: $4.99 UK: £2.99 (0% lower) EU tier 1: 4,99€ (46% higher) EU tier 2:…

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