Indie Royale Halloween Bundle and Indie Gala X available!

Humble Bundle’s baby brother, Indie Royale, is having another sale at the moment .

The bundle will get you the following games:



– “Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse” (full season) for: steam (pc, mac)
– “Home” for: steam (pc), windows, desura
– “Pathologic” for: windows, desura
– “MacGuffin’s Curse” for: steam (pc, mac), windows, mac, desura
– “EvilQuest” for: windows, desura

As you can see some games are available on Steam, some on Desura and some as direct download.


This deal will end in five days, and at the time of writing the price is minimum 4,26€, but it gets more expensive as more bundles are sold. If you add some extra cash to the price you will get the digital album Preschtale by C-jeff.

There are three more bundles planned in the near future (in three, four and five weeks time). If you want those games as cheap as possible you should subscribe to the Indie Royale newsletter, so you can buy the bundle early when the price is low.

Indie Gala is having a similar offer with different games:

This bundle ends in one week. The price is PAY WHAT YOU WANT (but you get more games if you beat the average), and you can chose to donate the money you pay to charity if you wish, so don’t be cheap and buy it for one cent.

Pay what you want and get:
– “Omegalodon” (Desura, DRM-free, Greenlight)
– “Praetorians” (DRM-free)
– “Majesty 2” (Steam)
– “East Indie Company” (Steam)

Pay more than the average and get:
– “Rome Gold” (Steam)
– “Knights of Honor” (Steam)
– “Lead and Gold” (Steam)
– “Elven Legacy” (Steam)
– “Hearts of Iron 2 Complete” (Steam)


You can buy the Indie Royale bundle here.
You can buy the Indie Gala bundle here.

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