(Updated on 30th Nov) Thanksgiving Deals

The “Give & Get” Sale starts today and ends Tuesday, November 30. Each day during the sale there will be huge savings on featured games and large game packs that are perfect for gift-giving throughout the holidays. In the spirit of giving, each day of the sale, Valve will be awarding 30 users with the top five games on their wishlists. To become eligible to win, simply load up your own wishlist with ten or more items now.

PS. Impulse has also nice deals every day. But you need Impulse Now running in background. PS. Impulse has also Bethesda Softworks for lowered prices.
New! Todays Impulse gives big Fuck Off to all non-North America customers by selling region restricted Dragon Age Ultimate with 50% discount. At least some from other 47 deals are okay. And Bethesda games, if you care.

Gamersgate thanksgiving deals

New! GamersGate Holyday Gift Guide that lasts 4 weeks! First week: 38 deals.

New! Also some deals in GamesPlanet

Bioware offering 20% discount with coupon code JIVETURKEY in Bioware shop (maybe US only) – http://biowarestore.com/

Blizzard is offering World of Warcraft  series for very cheap!

Good old Games: Age of Wonders series 50% off

Green Man Gaming: Deluxe selection box 25% discount, still shooter fest –40%, thanksgiving deals save up to 90%

New items in Valve Merchandise shop and discounts!

EA Store has Sims 3 weekend – discount -30%



Have fun, but don’t spend too much :D Save something to X-mas sale :)

25th November in Steam

26th November in Steam

27th November in Steam

28th November in Steam

29th November in Steam

30th November in Steam


Beat Hazard -75% – 1,75€ (VERY FAIR price! little bit cheaper than in US) – recommended game!


Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge -75% – 2,50€ (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)


Metro 2033 -75% – 7,50€ (unfair for US, UK price 22% cheaper!, EU price 2% cheaper) – recommended game!

Aliens vs. Predator -66% – 6,80€ (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic -75% – 2,25€ (somewhat fair price)


Peggle Deluxe -50% – 4,99€ (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)


Mafia II -25% – 37,49€ (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)


Colin McRae DiRT 2 -75% – 5,—€ (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)


Indie Air Pack -92% – 4,49€ (somewhat fair price)


Gift packs


Trine -87% THE 8 PACK – 19,99€ FOR 8 GAMES (-87% EACH GAME) (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)
IMHO they have something fucked up there, 1 Trine costs also 19.99 money


World of Goo -79% THE 12 PACK – 19,99€ FOR 12 GAMES (-79% EACH GAME) (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)


Aliens vs. Predator -74% THE 6 PACK 29,99€ FOR 6 GAMES (-74% EACH GAME) (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)


Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West -78% THE 10 PACK – 19,99€ FOR 10 GAMES (-78% EACH GAME) (unfair $1 = 1€ politics)
PS. if you really want it to play with friends, then go for it because 4-pack costs 29,97 money


So. Looks like Braid and Redcettar packs were thrown away.


Leaked upcoming pack deals

Save your money for following leaked upcoming deals:

Aliens vs Predator (2010) 6-pack (30th Nov Deal)
Audiosurf 12-pack  (26th Nov deal)
Braid 10-pack
Counter-Strike: Source 6-pack (28th Nov deal)
Defense Grid: The Awakening 10-pack  (26th Nov deal)
Empire: Total War 6-pack (27th Nov deal)
Freedom Force 10-pack (27th Nov deal)
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City 6-pack (28th Nov deal)
Just Cause 2 8-pack (29th Nov deal)
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West 10-pack (30th Nov Deal)
Left 4 Dead 2 6-pack  (26th Nov deal)
Mount & Blade: Warband 6-pack (29th Nov deal)
Nyxquest: Kindred Spirits 10-pack (28th Nov deal)
Osmos 12-pack (29th Nov deal)
Portal 6-pack (27th Nov deal)
Puzzle Quest 2 10-pack (26th Nov deal)
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale 8 pack
Red Faction: Guerrilla 8-pack (28th Nov deal)
Splinter Cell: Conviction 6-pack (29th Nov deal)
Trine 8-pack (30th Nov Deal)
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising 8-pack (27th Nov deal)
World of Goo 12-pack (30th Nov Deal)


Indie packs:

– Indie Air Pack: Altitude, DogFighter, Flotilla, Gratuitous Space Battles, Plain Sight (30th Nov Deal)
Indie Clever Pack: Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time, Eufloria, Iron Grip: Warlord, VVVVVV, World of Goo (27th Nov deal)
Indie Pulse Pack: Audiosurf, Beat Hazard, Bit Trip Beat, The Polynomial, Rhythm Zone (28th Nov deal)
– Indie Puzzle Pack: Cogs, Droplitz, Puzzle Dimension, Shatter, Tidalis (29th Nov deal)
Indie Story Pack: And Yet It Moves, Gish, Puzzle Agent, Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, Jolly Rover (26th Nov deal)

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  1. Dodo

    steam required

    Swords & Soldiers for PC/mac OUT NOW on http://www.swordsandsoldiers.com! Fill in “sinterklaas” as couponcode and you’ll cash in on 30% off!

    you can register the key on steam (steam will have 20% discount)

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  2. glubbar

    This is your chance to grab Metro 2033! With this price, you have no excuse not to have played this wonderful game!

    Also, this is the same promotion on Star Wars: KOTOR as they did several weeks ago. :o

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  3. chiledog

    Also metro 2033 75% off (7,50€)
    And star wars knights of the old republic for 75% off (2,25€)
    Mafia II 25% off.
    Plus others!!!

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  4. chiledog

    Steam has dirt 2 at 5€ today.

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  5. ryuga81

    Gamersgate holiday weekly gifts started today. 4 weeks of cheap stuff and a buy-4-pay-3 on top of it. Mostly indie games this week, but some interesting stuff as well…


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  6. 1Swatty

    @Zuko, used to be all of them :P in fact, there were no sales at all for a moment ^^ valve failed epicly there :D

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  7. AssA2k1

    new deals are up… and I guess the orange box one is a bug… since it’s 29,99€ (-0%) here (EU Tier 1) / $7,50 (-75%) in the US…
    it’ll probably be a 1€ = $1 deal…

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  8. slay

    @TheBender: thanks for the list :)

    @Zuko, WoW deals are in this post already, but thanks! :)

    @Remmu: Correct, but first day deals was not leaked :)

    about L4D2 price .. will fix it :) As script gave garbage, had to check the prices manually and then I check by default Tier1 price (although I am in Tier2 :))

    I think I will buy Lara Croft even if it’s unfair deal… I played demo and it felt like Trine in 3D :)

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  9. AssA2k1

    you’re probably in tier 2? cause GTA episodes is 10.20€ for me… the pack is still 44.99€ though…

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