GamersGate: Sleeping Dogs and DLC 60% or 68% off

You can now get Sleeping Dogs (a GTA-like, sandbox game situated in Asia!) 60% cheaper or even 68% cheaper if you’re one of those dudes who purchased the Bethesda Complete or Borderlands 2 four pack while they were mistakenly very cheap on GamersGate. So that’s a nice compensation discount I guess.


Also note that their Nightmare in North Point DLC’s base price is cheaper than Steam by $2. With the discount, it will be $1.6 or around 77% off from Steam’s price.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. onetoriginal

    I bought all aviable expassions ;)

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  2. d32

    If you are from EURo zone, you will get better price by using their site.
    This still doesn’t beat Steam’s 15 minute 91% of sale though. ;)

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