Come get some! – Free Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition



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  1. masterslay

    The game on gog is already made compatible with windows 7, but i recommend you to get the port version.
    You just need 2 files from the gog duke 3d “resell the same game with extra map” edition to get the game to run the port.


    After that it will look like a new game.

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  2. masterslay

    Wow, yesterday i decided to take out my dusty duke nukem 3d cd out of that large cardboard box and install it on my new computer.

    ( The game I never played due to being too young to understand all that violent humor (7-12 years old?), while some kids at the same age was just cool with it and all,, but they watched crazy horror movies too and other macrabe stuff like real living peoples decapped heads and guts coming out of them and they loved happy tree friends on the internet)

    The game I inherited from my big brother, I put in the disk drive, just to get a error due to old game
    (There are just some game which just wont run on x64 win 7 with toptuned 2 x OC asus gtx 670 sli)

    looked up on wiki, saw they also made atomic edition and i was thinking wow, already back then, they could just not refrain themselves from not making a game just to release it with a few more maps and then call it atomic edition wasting time and confusing people unnecessarily, just like that crazy shareware thing, where stuff was splitted up in episodes. Just release full game, release patches with extra maps for free, game over.

    Today same business pratice is used, but new name, its called dlc and its even worse.
    Just make full game, anything else put in free patch as service. Game Over.

    Well, ok the point is, i tried this game yesterday, and found it to be really fun. I found the Eduke32 port of the game, justl like there is a doom 1-2 port, which support mouse keyboard, as well as HD resolution packs, music enhancements and so on.

    Now i kinda understand why the game was so hyped back then, but i am 21 years old now, so i guess its the appropriate age for that :P.

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