Battlefield 4 Giveaway – details inside!

Hypernia will be choosing one (1) lucky grand prize winner to receive a copy of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 4 Premium!

In addition to the grand prize winner we will also be choosing nine (9) runners up to receive a copy of Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 4 Premium!

Even if you already own Battlefield 4 you can still win and choose to receive a copy of Battlefield 4 Premium giving you access to all the upcoming Battlefield 4 expansions and map packs.

For each 1,000 participants beyond the initial 1,000 we will be throwing in an additional five (5) copies of Battlefield 4/Battlefield 4 Premium! The more you share your referral link with your friends the more prizes we add increasing your chances of winning your very own copy of Battlefield 4/Battlefield 4 Premium.

News thanks to evgenoid77!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. rottencat

    Post a winner name here. I have BS accounts for this kind of crap and I’m too lazy to log in later to check if I won.

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