Battlefield 3: Lets boycott the shit out of this!


As most of you know, EA recently announced an exclusive DLC for preordering BF3. If you don’t purchase the pre-order or limited edition version of BF3, you will have to pay extra for the Karkand Expansion Pack. Karkand Expansion Pack is some guns and ammunition, which will create an unfair advantage people who pre-order. As well, charging people extra to play maps available on day one.

This was a decision made by EA, and not DICE. DICE and all of us need your help to get EA to wake up and change their decision. Please remember to be POLITE in these emails. A bunch of spamming telling them what dumb asses they are probably wont help much. This already happened once – a boycott called by Sarcastic Gamer against BFBC1, that eventually caused EA to change their mind.

The point is that we don’t want paid DLC that is going to split the community into groups of who does or does not have that DLC. You obviously can’t join a server if its running a map you don’t have. Bad Company 2 gave all its users the DLC for free. Now, I can see EAs reasoning about it from a console stand point (So that they still make a little money off of used games), but there is absolutely no reason for this on the PC. Obviously, you can’t buy used PC games. EA, if you won’t do this for everyone at LEAST do it for the PC community.

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Important EA emails:

  • John Riccitiello (CEO) –
  • Eric Brown (Exec VP, CFO) –
  • John Pleasants (COO) –
  • John Schappert – Chief Operating Officer
  • Leonard S. Coleman – Director
  • Jeff Huber – Director
  • Gary M. Kusin – Director
  • Barker, Ken – Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Geraldine Laybourne – Director
  • Gregory B. Maffei – Director
  • Vivek Paul – Director
  • Lawrence F. Probst III – Chairman of the Board
  • Richard A. Simonson – Lead Director
  • Linda J. Srere – Director

Copy and paste this to your "send to" bar to save time:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Phone numbers for EA Games:

650-628-1500 – Redwood City

310-754-7000 – Los Angeles

EA support page: click

Link to original post on BF3 website:

Link to the poll on EA forums:

If ANYBODY gets a reply from EA, let us know what was said.


Big sites talking about it:

Source of the whole thing Reddit.






19 responses to “Battlefield 3: Lets boycott the shit out of this!”

  1. rottencat Avatar

    Agree. So far the trend is that all pre-order “bonuses” are lousy – usually you get:
    a) -10% price (of a full priced game which has no reviews and may as well suck hard)
    b) useless skins and others showhow items
    c) early access to unlockable items (lame)
    d) early access to demo (no comments)

    TF2 hats at least may give you a chance to get at least some of your money back after a year if you manage to sell it for real money or exchange for some other game, whether a), b), c), d) give you nothing much valuable.

    Ok Im not in topic. The point is – preorder bonuses suck almost always. And so will BF3 probably. I’m buying BF3 for BF3, not because of DLC. And I will not pass BF3 because of DLC.

  2. stranded Avatar

    It’s ok man, people have their opinions, you like this I don’t. People don’t have to agree all the time, world would’ve been boring. Enjoy your weapons then! :D And if it’s actually going to be like in Bad Company 2 then there won’t be any problem, at least for me.

  3. rottencat Avatar

    PS: Im pretty sure these weapons are unlockable (like it was in BC2) and there is no real advantage.
    Even if they are not unlockable and give unfair advantage – welcome to real life similar experience. I see it every day. Cant fix the world. Sorry.

    PS2: EA is a business – if they do it really really wrong, their bad decision will work against them and they get hurt. I know some of us want to make EA perfect, but please realize that EA is big grown up company. Lets give it a chance to fail with this miserably.

  4. rottencat Avatar

    Nothing personal Stranded, I usually support actions like this but as I was going to pre-order and now i see I get some benefits (DLC) I see no problem here for me. I’m not a nice uncle who cares about all others kids in town.
    Rules are simple – You want benefits – pre-order. Don’t want – don’t pre-order. Simple as that. And I like my benefits and I go for it. Call me egoistic, I don’t care. This is simply my ignorant point of view – fuck the world peace and equal rights, god of games gives so much credit to US players (dollar policy) and now when I see a chance to get some liiiitle benefit I should be a nice guy and say “no thanks”? Nope.avi

  5. stranded Avatar

    No one is crying, I don’t even recall anyone playing COD here (COD ended on COD 2 for me..) and all I’m pointing out that they shouldn’t do stuff like that.

    And not everone wants to pre-order from Origin, especially when you can get the retail game a lot cheaper.

  6. Busko Avatar

    whats the big issue preorder and u have everything…. dont bs with ohh but there is no retailer… just go to origin and order it from there and u get it all. Also preorder dosent bind you last i checked so just unorder and order in a shope where u get it.

    Stop crying everyone dose Sales deals to lure consumers in…any shop that dose first day sales etc dont see you going and boycotting those shops coz they give you something special if u there on day one.

    And dont BS about unfair advantage… if u buy the game later still u will be outguned as they have unlocked other stuff Uniqs is prob be compared to first unlocks so no much biggy. stop crying or if u still want to cry go and play COD and we will get rid of you whiners in BF.

  7. stranded Avatar


    I know people who pre-ordered it as well but pre-order doesn’t mean you actually get these things, at least not in every store.

    What about people who pre-ordered waayyy before?

  8. John Avatar

    Modern Warfare 3 (Activision) will charge you for everything they release. So just pre-order Battlefield 3 and get the DLC for free ;). Don’t cry so much! Otherwise it will cost you 10 euros.

  9. Kossak Avatar

    yea, i was eager to buy it until they announced those unfair DLC. I don’t like the fact that some people can pay and have better weapons. I’m not sure what to do now, but i think i won’t buy it, especially for full price.

  10. Xan Avatar

    I’d love to boycott it but I already preordered it for 60% off so yeah… not gonna happen.

    They should just release the weapons as a 5$ DLC along with the maps.

  11. deer Avatar

    I couldn’t care less cause I can preorder and get it for free. Most people I know that are playing BF games already preordered or will preorder this game so I don’t see a problem.

  12. Faark Avatar

    Looks like that will be a point in the MW3 vs BF3 competition… and i always was on the BF side before … and now… *cry*

  13. Kissaki Avatar

    “his was a decision made by EA, and not DICE. DICE and all of us need your help”
    Oh please, do not repeat that bullshit.
    THEY made that contract with EA. They allowed it to happen, they did not care enough to object. So do not thing DICE is with us there. They may be talking good, but look what the result was: They sold us out. Especially write and talk to them! Because they are closer to us, thus easier to persuade.
    Only when EA does not have partners who bullshit with them like that will they stop suggesting bullshit like that.
    So for gods sake, don’t exclude DICE who are one of the 2 partners on that contract. Excluding them after a few nice words is ignorant and naive.

  14. stranded Avatar

    As far as I know it’s not going to be released on Steam.

  15. Wesley Avatar

    Oh EA, you silly fucks. Go away. :<

    Not to mention there's no way of knowing when (or if, even) it's going to be on Steam since they announced Origin and all.

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