Worth P(L)AYing: Tribes Ascend

Alright guys I have had enough of shitty games. Especially shitty shooters (talking to you: Modern Shitfare 3, Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Fail and Battlefield 3) I really feel like we gotta promote good games in here so… here’s Worth P(L)AYing! What is it? It’s simple, if you’re playing any good, underrated, indie (or not!), difficult and worth paying for (or free!) games and would like to share with us just post here. We’re going to post some titles from time to time that we think are worth playing and most of all paying for.



Let’s do this, here’s probably the best review I could find on YouTube (by @CynicalBrit) of Tribes Ascend which is still in early beta (unfortunately at this time we won’t be doing any video reviews on our own). If you’ve ever played Tribes back in the days you will probably play this for months, I got into beta lately and it’s basically all I play now. I won’t be going into details of what Tribes is about or whatever, everything is explained on the video below. Have fun watching!


How to get beta access?

Keep looking at Tribes Ascend Facebook profile or Twitter profile and who knows maybe you’ll get a key soon.

Want to pay to play right away?

Go ahead and get the VIP pack (which gives you bonuses and Tribes Gold in the game). Remember the game itself will be Free 2 Play when it comes out though.

Would you like us to get some Tribes Ascend beta keys to giveaway?

Leave a comment below :)

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  1. SOME specific person having written this article here should update it for the fact that “Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad” has had a huge update and now is a really, really good game (with a player-base as small as before, sadly).
    It doesn’t deserve to be mentioned negatively next to MW3 and BF3 anymore, really.

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