Worms Reloaded – exclusive pre-order items revealed!

Team 17 revealed exclusive pre-order items today! Here they are:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Faark

    Jear, its may a good game (a clone of an damn old good game, actually!). But when i buy a game (jear, i buy games! own a few hundred on steam), i want a full game. Not just a f***ing part of it. That starts with “buy now and get a free ingame-item” and ends in endless micopayment. Thats okay for free-to-play-stuff like most browsergames. But not when i have to buy the damn game!

    Or what do u think would had become of counterstrike, when you need the collectors edition to use m4,ak&awp?!

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  2. Zuko

    Faark: Shame on you!

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  3. Wesley

    Haha, oh fuck you. Go torrent something else, kiddo. This is nostalgia, this is oldschool, this is EPIC. This deserves to be pre-ordered, in any way possible.

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  4. Faark

    Hell, i realy hate that preorder/delux exclusive stuff. But whatever, torrents should include them…

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