Windows 10 €15.00 / £12.66 / $16.78 + FREE games!

Well this is not a game but you do need Windows OS to play most of the games on the PC. Here is a nice offer from OCK-CDKeys! If you order the key now you will get 2 random games for free from the store!

Edit: Use the coupon UNPWR to get the price even lower!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. hunshiki

    These sites literally sell MSDN keys for cheap. This been done since Windows 7, but now somehow every key site joined up.
    It is 100% illegal, can be only used on ONE PC.
    If you want to pirate, just use a tool that will make your install valid. But giving money to these scumbags? Hell no.

    Ps.: If you want a legit Windows, you need to have a COA (that sticker) on your PC.
    And if you don’t use your head, holy crap, but don’t buy into this scam.

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  2. mik

    That’s before tax. It’s 23.85Euros with tax

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  3. DankenSK

    Is it digital key or physical ?

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