We’re turning 5 years old in December! Thank you!

That’s right! I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve started the website. It all started thanks to Valve’s infamous currency change on Steam. The original thread is still on the official Steam forums!

But lets just forget about the past… we all know how that turned out, basically nothing changed since then, and most of new, big titles are still overpriced in Europe and not only Europe (see Australian Steam page). That’s why this site is now focusing on posting the best deals out there as you may have noticed. Occasionally we’re posting important or interesting stories from the digital world.

We do have more plans for the future to bug some publishers, developers and other people responsible for game pricing, not only on Steam but in general… But that’s for the future.

The other point of this website is to make you guys happy. No I’m not on drugs! :P We’ve been giving away games since the beginning and thanks to various sponsors or even private sponsors (random guys from the Internet) we gave away massive amount of games over the years. We plan to do that every now and then. A lottery for 5th anniversary? Of course!!! And it’s gonna be fun, expensive and huge. I mean seriously!

So basically for now enjoy our site and all and wait for the upcoming Halloween Lottery. After that expect something fun for the whole December! Have a great day!

Join our Steam Group, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and finally add us on Google Plus. I know it’s social bullshit but you’ll be doing us a favour by doing so! :D

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Gokburt

    Agree with laserad this new comment system sucks balls

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    1. stranded

      alright will try to either integrate it more or get back to the old one, but the old one had shit load of spam ;/

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  2. bonder

    Glad to see group expanding into other things. Keeps the 1=1 topical and ever-present but not tedious.

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  3. Epic Bundle

    Congratulations and thank you! A great source for Game Deals!

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  4. laserad

    …and still kicking, gz
    btw stranded this disqus chat sucks balls. yet another login? no!

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  5. Netlork

    Wohoooo 5 yeras!!

    Congratulaionts!! :D

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