Our Steam group have just been hijacked from Steam, join the new one!

Our Steam group has just been removed from Steam by someone who claims to be the new tyrant, a dickhead called TZer0, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it because I was not the original admin of the group.

So far this guy have removed me from the group and ditched everything that I’ve done for over last 9 years. But no need to worry! Fuck this guy and his anti-G2A attitude, that’s right he took over the group and changed it’s logo to anti G2A propaganda. Booo Hoo.

Lets bring back the group back under the same URL, at least that’s what’s left.

I have posted one last post yesterday on the group, it was about The European Commission getting it’s hands on Steam regional locks. I have no idea what the fuck is going on and I really hope we can restore the population of the group under the new-old URL. So join in and tell your friends! :)

The new-old URL is still ours: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamunpowered

Also this guy claims we have had some sort of discussion and we disagreed. We haven’t had any discussion at all. He also claims I have promoted G2A on the Steam group and I have never done that due to Steam not really liking the company (censoring it’s address on the whole Steam platform for example). That is all.

At least we have this screenshot to honor the group’s memory and it’s great number :)

Join our friends on Steam Community – CDKeyPrices official group is up!

If you’re looking for good prices the best website currently out there for CD-Key price comparison just created their own Steam group which will probably give you the best offers first hand and allow you to participate in various giveaways and contests!


Join official Steam group!

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We’re turning 5 years old in December! Thank you!

5th Anniversary

That’s right! I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve started the website. It all started thanks to Valve’s infamous currency change on Steam. The original thread is still on the official Steam forums!

But lets just forget about the past… we all know how that turned out, basically nothing changed since then, and most of new, big titles are still overpriced in Europe and not only Europe (see Australian Steam page). That’s why this site is now focusing on posting the best deals out there as you may have noticed. Occasionally we’re posting important or interesting stories from the digital world.

We do have more plans for the future to bug some publishers, developers and other people responsible for game pricing, not only on Steam but in general… But that’s for the future.

The other point of this website is to make you guys happy. No I’m not on drugs! :P We’ve been giving away games since the beginning and thanks to various sponsors or even private sponsors (random guys from the Internet) we gave away massive amount of games over the years. We plan to do that every now and then. A lottery for 5th anniversary? Of course!!! And it’s gonna be fun, expensive and huge. I mean seriously!

So basically for now enjoy our site and all and wait for the upcoming Halloween Lottery. After that expect something fun for the whole December! Have a great day!

Join our Steam Group, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and finally add us on Google Plus. I know it’s social bullshit but you’ll be doing us a favour by doing so! :D

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Poll Time: Would you want us to expand?

Hello. We’ve been wondering for a while now if you guys expect us to expand in the near future. Please vote in the poll below. There are lots of ideas such as making a video podcast of some sort concerning prices and game availablity around the planet and even crazy ideas like invading some huge gaming events like Gamescom in Germany in search for answers about prices and games in general. I think big publishers and game developers present there would hate us instantly… Thanks for visiting us for such a long time we really appreciate it!

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Social shopping group for games (Steam games too!)

The guys from G-FORUMS have created the first social shopping group for videogames.

What are social shopping groups? Well, I think that most of you have heard about groupon, but let’s talk about that site anyway. Groupon offers you a lot range of cheap deals for a lot of cities and countries, the condition to get those really cheap deals is to have at least #number# of people who is interested in the deal and that subscribe (paying) to it. In case that the condition is passed, you’ll receive via email the voucher code for that deal.


Getter (http://getter.g-forums.net/) uses a similiar method, based on the number of people who subscribe to the deal, but the game price is based on the number of people who subscribed to the deal… So the more people gets in, the less you will pay AT THE END of the deal. On other hands, if only a few people subscribe to the deal, you will pay almost a retail price…

They started their project with Sequence, an indie music game, and the deal will end in 12 days. The current price is setted to 3$ (instead of 5$) and it may be lowered to 2$ in the following days. It all depends on you guys, so… go support this nice initiative and get a fantastic game for a cheap price :)


I would like to remember you guys that you’ll have to pay AFTER the deal is ENDED and the price will the same for everyone, so don’t worry to join now….

News thanks to f3d3r1c0mb4t

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