Weekend Deals (27.04.13)

Here are the deals for today. Remember you can still participate in our contest! Have a great weekend!

Reserved for updates!

Lets start with something new here’s a deal from McGame:

Port Royale 3 for 14,95€

Next one is on GamesPlanet.com:

Mars War Logs

Another one is from Nuuvem with:

Sleeping Dogs for $10 – Steam redeemable

Pick 3 games for $15!

GameFly’s deals are:

Civilization IV £9.99 75% £2.49 26-Apr 29-Apr
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 £14.99 66% £4.99 26-Apr 29-Apr
SimCity 4 £9.99 50% £4.99 26-Apr 29-Apr
Sid Meier’s Pirates! £9.99 75% £2.49 26-Apr 29-Apr
Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle £29.99 75% £7.49 26-Apr 29-Apr
Anno 2070 £19.99 66% £6.79 26-Apr 29-Apr
Crusader Kings II £34.99 75% £8.75 26-Apr 29-Apr
Hearts of Iron III £7.99 75% £1.99 26-Apr 29-Apr
Endless Space – Admiral Edition £22.99 50% £11.49 26-Apr 29-Apr


Indie Royale’s brand new bundle is now live:

The Lunar Bundle

Get Games deals are:

Batman games on sale

Green Man Gaming deals are:

Borderlands Pack it’s 69% off until 1600 UTC April 28th.

The following packs are all on offer until 1600 UTC May 3rd:

The following deals are all available until 1600 UTC April 29th:

GamersGate deals are:

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