Weekend Deals (16.04.10)

Finally.. the weekend!



Poor Icelanders, they all are covered now with ashes. This is their revenge to EU.

But fortunately our money spending will be untouched, because we get our stuff digitally, there will be no retail junk carried with planes or other transports that are waiting for clearance.


But let’s check out what we can get this time.

GamersGate, who usually offers lots of deals, has this time only 2 things on weekend sale: Street Fighter IV (-60%) and Ceville (-50%).


Steam has Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed™ Ultimate Sith Edition (30GB!!!) on sale with 50% discount. US: $29.99 $14.99 / UK: £19.99 £9.99 (3% higher) / EU: 29,99€ 14,99€ (35% higher). PS. It’s metascore is 65, so think or try before buy :)
But there are more good deals in Steam worth to check it out – cheap indie games Beat Hazard (EU price is lower than in US/UK); Xonix clone Fortix; Carmageddon style zombie killing game Zombie Driver and so on, just check the specials tab on Steam.

FREE weekend for Madballs Babo Invasion! And if you want to buy it (which is recommended), then save 75% when buying now!


Ouch, I totally forgot Direct2Drive spring sale! Last 3 days to act! Week 1 has 21 games on sale with huge (really!!) discount!
Tropico 3 (-50% £9.95 £19.95), RollerCoast Tycoon 2 (-75% £3.75 £14.95), MotoGP 08 (-88% £2.95 £25.95), King’s Bounty: Gold  Edition (-67% £9.95 £29.95), DCS: Black Shark (-63% £10.95 £29.95), Dirt 2 (-75%!!! £8.95 £34.95), Gothic 3 (-83% £3.50 £19.95), Dark Void (-70% £8.95 £29.95), Call of Cthulhu (-83% £3.50 £19.95), Democracy 2 (-77% £3.50 £14.95), Outrun 2006 (-50% £2.50 £4.95), GUN (-50% £3.95 £7.95), King’s Bounty: Armored Princess (-75% £7.50 £29.95), The Club (-50% £4.95 £9.95), Elven Legacy Complete Edition (-67% £15.95 £48.80), Downfall (-50% £3.50 £6.95), Fallout 3 (UK) (-50% £15.25 £30.50), Reservoir Dogs (-20% £7.95 £9.95), Atari 2010 Spring Bundle (-75% £14.95 £59.95), Battlestations: Pacific (-48% £12.95 £24.95), Just Cause (-20% £7.95 £9.95).
Atari 2010 Spring bundle is Act of War: High Treason, Indigo Prophecy, ArmA: Armed Assault – Combat Operations, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut.
Here is link to deals: UK version, EU version, US version. NB! Don’t get carried away, think first :)


Impulse also has lots deals to offer this weekend. 26 (including 4 items for US/Canada only) titles total, check them all out here. Red Faction Pack, Majesty 2 + expansion Bundle, Zombie Driver, Lost City of Aquatica, Tropico 3, THQ Ultimate Bundle, World War 2, Grand Ages Rome – Reign of Augustus, Fences Pro, Alganon, King’s Bounty Gold Edition, Dawn of Magic 2, Tropico Reloaded, Ceille, Grand Ages: Rome (Europe), Imperium Romanum (+ expansions), Hollywood Pictures 2, Star Assault.


Good Old Games doesn’t have weekend deal (yet) but they have counter running on frontpage talking about being outcast from Orion, so lets hope that they bring excellent Master of Orion series on sale!


GetGames has also discounts but I am not sure how many of them are weekend deals, so simply check their homepage and maybe you will find something interesting.


Games on Demand is offering GTA IV with 50% discount $14.99 $29.99. Check it out here. Steam price is the same  $29.99/£19.99/19.99€


So that’s all for this week. Please post all good offers you find to comments, just like you usually do ;) And thank you for doing this! :)

Have fun and don’t spend too much money :D

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  1. tmihai20

    I already bought it, I always wanted to try it and get a massive discount. I only played singleplayer. I saw multiplayer gameplay videos and were quite fun.

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  2. m!nus

    If you want to play Madballs multiplayer, you’re gonna be very disappointed (except on this weekend maybe). No Players, sadly. I think it’s a great game (survival! (only 1 map though)).

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  3. MarkAltair

    Creiorly,nice one ! 8) xD

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  4. slay

    you’re fast :)

    I was updating the post, you already discussed here about Madballs :D

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  5. Creiorly

    At the same time MarkAltair :) Yeah, we’re that awesome, and so is the game. :)))

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  6. Creiorly

    Check put this cool deal guys!!!

    MADBALLS Free Weekend and 75% off Sale

    Play Madballs in Babo:Invasion for free this weekend and experience true multiplayer mayhem madness. Then when you are ready to buy save 75% this weekend only.

    To play for free install steam first, then download the game here.

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  7. MarkAltair

    Madballs on steam is -75% off and has also free weekend.

    i highly suggest this awesome game ! ! ! !

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  8. Nextra

    You probably want to mention that Star-Wars: The Force Unleashed weighs in at insane 30GB (yes, thats thirty gigabytes!!) on your hard drive and will be quite problematic if you have a download-limitation for your broadband connection. You have been warned.

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  9. Faky

    Wohooo, another week im saving my money. Another week or so and i will be rich ;)

    I was interested in AVP 2000 but it evaded me by 35%. So far all of this weeks deals are in category “not interested”.
    Well, there is always another deal in a while, but until then its Bad Company 2 time :)

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