Weekend Deals 08.03.13 (updated!)

Hello game lovers. Today is a special day, for women that is. So women of SteamUnpowered have a lovely day! Here are the deals for this weekend. Spring Lottery coming up somewhere near the first day of spring!!!

Weekend Deals

Update #1: Added lots of deals from GMG + 20% voucher code.
Update #2: New voucher for GMG Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 30% off.
Update# 3: Added Crysis 2 Maximum Edition 80% off and Sonic All-Stars Racing 50% off on GMG.
Update #4: NiGHTS into dreams on GamersGate 4€/£3, Steam redeemable.
Update #5: Added deals from Steam.

Update #5:

Miasmata 66% off @ 5,10€

Μax Payne 3 66% off @ 10,19€

Update #4:

NiGHTS into dreams on GamersGate 4€/£3, Steam redeemable. Get it here.

Update #3:

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (Origin) is now at 80% off + 20% off voucher – GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS – and the game costs around £4.00.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed at 50% off use the voucher above as well. Steam redeemable.

Update #2:

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 30% off with voucher: GMG30-OUZDR-HM1ZK

Update #1:

More deals from GMG, check them out (including Bulletstorm, Killing Floor, Red Orchestra 2 and many more):




First one is from GamesPlanet, Darksiders 2 for £7. The game is Steam redeemable.





Good Old Games is having a Superb Strategy Weekend sale. You can save up to 50%. Check those out here.


GOG Deals


GamersGate is selling The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut for around 2€ depending on region. The game however is not Steam redeemable, it’s DRM Free.


The Witcher Deal


FarCry 3 and Assassins Creed 3 are on sale at 30% off. You also get 1 of 6 games free including Rayman Origins or Driver SF. Redeemable through Uplay – non Steam.


farcry 3 deal


Nuuvem is selling Civilization V which is Steam redeemable for only $7. Get it here now! This doesn’t seem to be GOTY though.


CIV5 deal


Green Man Gaming has a deal for Football Manager 2013, currently at 50% off. Remember to try to use the voucher code for extra 20% off! Steam redeemable.


So far that’s it, this post will be updated througout the weekend!


I run this place! :D

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  1. ReaperX

    *Sorry,Miasmata was day deal and has expired.

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  2. ReaperX

    Bad weekend for my wallet…:P

    You can add some deals on steam..

    Miasmata 66% off @ 5,10€

    Μax Payne 3 66% off @ 10,19€

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