Tripwire Interactive on Steam pricing in Europe

Here’s an interesting post from Tripwire Interactive (the makers of Red Orchestra and Killing Floor series) employee:

Tripwire Interactive on Steam pricing

They’re saying that the publiser sets the price (or the developer etc.) – that’s true and we already knew that. But according to this post from the makers of Adventurer Manager it’s Valve who doesn’t correctly convert the price for other currencies in the first place:

Adventurer Manager pricing discussion on Steam

So basically if the developer, publisher doesn’t set the price on Steam platform, for other regions than US, Steam is going to leave it at 1:1 ratio. Are you guys getting that? Alright.

Why won’t they change it globally so that it uses an approximate amount, not the 1:1 ratio? Is it really that hard? I guess we’ll never know or they just want to make some cash. It’s good that after all these years some developers are finally speaking up about the pricing system on Steam. We’ll let you know more if we find out anything.

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  1. Little Big Kitty

    well, if they manage to leave it 1:1 and nobody notices, more money for Valve
    I thought that was obvious

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  2. AdRiAnO66

    6 years later…

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