THQ is going crazy! Get Metro 2033 for FREE!

First their Humble Bundle (with recently added Titan Quest and Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War) and now they’re giving away Metro 2033 Steam key on Facebook.

Updated link: Go here to get a copy!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Ludde1

    Anyone have a spare? I want one but it’s not working for me D:

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  2. Jibece

    Ok it’s free, but seriously, but I’m afraid about the “success” of this operation, people are too stingy to buy the Humble THQ Bundle? For $1? Seriously?

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  3. ajaxmansion doesn’t work – this host is free and doesn’t have anything on him but link on description now work perfect and code work well on steam

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  4. Jan Kloubek

    i have nothing. this think doesnt work :(

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  5. ajaxmansion

    when click on link i got redirect for a second and them my home page why???

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  6. Zsolt

    I don’t seem to find it nowhere, but my code worked on Steam as well. Might be good to know.

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  7. Miki

    Wow man thanks a lot ! i got the key! sweeeeeeet! thank u so much!

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