The Fly Gabe Newell Fund Has Been Successful!


The creators of the Fly Gabe Newell Fund have raised over $3000 in order to fly Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson to Australia to show them their Left 4 Dead campaign. If you don’t know what the hell is this about go here first.

This is one of the latest replies from Gabe Newell:

The English language lacks the words to express the level of excitement Erik and I feel that you and your friends have pulled this off. Give us some time to organize our affairs, as we are trying to ship a product, and then we’ll let you know the time and date of our arrival. Give our best to Robin’s mother, as she is apparently a neighbor of yours.

Gabe & Erik

I believe we will have some pictures over here when that happens ;)


My last post, suggesting that perhaps Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin had donated to our cause, was made in error – for there can now be no doubt that the real Robin has contributed. The incredible Robin Walker of Valve Software, that is! He attached the following message:

This is Robin Walker, from Valve. The rest of us at Valve would sure appreciate a couple of days without Erik around, so thanks for organising this!

Quick question though: if I donated more, would you buy a one-way ticket for him?


Thanks, Robin!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Roach

    why didnt we think of that ? we should have lured him over to us with some lame excuse and than lock him in the room with the whole steamunpowered crew and demand some answers !

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  2. glubbar

    These guys sure have a nice sense of humour.

    I wonder if these are sincere messages, or just another marketing strategy… I’m sure they are aware that a lot of people will read those since this news is getting big somehow…

    Anyway, that’s cool.

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  3. XanderCz

    “Quick question though: if I donated more, would you buy a one-way ticket for him? ” – Funny :)

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