Gabe Newell in Australia

Sorry I’m posting this so late but I didn’t have much time. Here’s the presentation from Australia – with Joe (the creator of Fly Gabe Newell campaign) and Gabe Newell. Unfortunately Joe did not ask a question from our group (at least not on the video) which simply was “why do Europeans have to pay twice on Steam?” but I don’t blame him… I mean he met Gabe Newell, good job :)

Watch the video right here:

And here’s the original article from

Joe W-A was miffed when the L4D campaign mod he’d been working on wasn’t deemed awesome enough to warrant him being flown to Valve HQ to preview L4D2. Other modders were, mostly to get them onside as peer-leaders to counter the odd anti-L4D2 community uprising happening at the time.

Anyway, Joe managed to get Gabe Newell to agree to fly to Brisbane, Australia to check out the mod-in-progress — provided Joe paid the airfare. “I was just joking”, said Gabe today. With pure internet inventiveness, Joe got the community rallied and raised the fare in a couple of days.



The Fly Gabe Newell Fund Has Been Successful!

  The creators of the Fly Gabe Newell Fund have raised over $3000 in order to fly Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson to Australia to show them their Left 4 Dead campaign. If you don’t know what the hell is this about go here first. This is one of the latest replies from Gabe Newell: The English language lacks the words to express the level of excitement Erik and I…