Steam Client UI Update to Release on Monday

After two months in beta and over twenty updates, the Steam Client UI Update is slated to release to all Steam users this coming Monday, April 26th.

The beta has been a huge success. The number of people who participated exceeded Valve’s expectations, and so far people created 25 thousand posts to the beta user forums. As a result of their participation, the Steam team has had the feedback required to make the new Steam client more reliable and useful than ever.

For those of you who’ve yet to join the beta, it’s not too late! By participating now, you’ll be updating your system to include Valve’s most recent developments. You’ll also minimize the amount of content required to download later, once the released version becomes available. And last but not least, you’ll be experiencing the future of Steam now, including dozens of new features, bug fixes and general improvements.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to opt into the beta, keep your eye out for the Steam client update on Monday, April 26th, when a brand new Steam is headed your way.

Source: Steam Updates

So here’s a quick poll:

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Do you like new Steam interface after so many updates?

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  1. Rad86N

    the only real thing pissing me off about the new steam is that triangle for status changes.. they should make it smaller.. like 2*2px
    that would help it a lot

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  2. Toaster

    Good to hear they implemented a small mode. :)

    No votes yet.
  3. Spooky


    View / Small Mode .. *nuff said*

    No votes yet.
  4. m!nus

    I miss the old list, the only way to easily find what you are looking for if you got 70 games installed

    No votes yet.
  5. Spaqin

    The beta is OK, but it ate all my favourite servers.

    No votes yet.
  6. Darman

    Tried the beta, sourcemods didn’t work, f-ed the beta…

    No votes yet.
  7. Dragoon

    I hope tor will update his script, but if not; You think you will be able to update the script for the Store page? Since you already did this really cool modifications for it once. :)

    Otherwise there is still as backup alternative.

    No votes yet.
  8. slay

    damn, it’s pretty fancy

    too bad that it’s killing the comparison script :(

    No votes yet.

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