Is There Any Deal – update!

Check out these cool new features!

Waitlist. That’s the list of games you want to buy when they get on better deal. Now you can set up at what price you want to be notified and on which shop. For example, you can set that you want to know about deal for some Steamworks game when it gets under 10€ on any shop and for non-steam game you want to be notified only if there is a deal on Steam for some price.

You can set different prices for different stores, there is not limitation. You can also import any public Steam Wishlist or any GOG Mix, and you can easily refresh games from this list. And there are other options and possibilities on what can be achieved with Waitlist.

In addition to this, the core of the page was rewritten from scratch, which means we are updating deals every 20 minutes instead of 1 hour.

Check out updated now!

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