Fortnite and Paragon giveaway winners inside!

Here are the winners :D I’ve sent you the invites, one guy needs to wait for Jaex (ShareX developer!) to send him Paragon invite. Edit: Last invite sent!

Epic Games Giveaway

Fortnite invites go to:

Paragon invites go to:

  • Thrash1895
  • Zekk (invite coming a little bit later, as soon as Jaex sends it!)

I guess you guys can switch the games between each other if you want. Please accept the invites and if you want add me to your friends list, I will be more than happy to help you out in Fortnite and maybe in Paragon during the weekend! More giveaways coming soon! :)


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I run this place! :D

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  1. Jaidon Dean

    add me on steam (at JCDean) so i can email you

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  2. Jaidon Dean

    I have Fortnite and Paragon invites, just email me instead of these stupid lotteries

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  3. Allenllen

    Thank you XD

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  4. Zekk

    Thanks :)

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