Steam, VISA and insta-buy feature continues…

So it appears that Steam Store does not remember security codes from VISA card holders as we posted earlier – at least that is what Valve worker, Doug Valente, claims and I was asked to remove that information because apparently it’s false. However we still don’t know why Steam Store is insta-buying games if you store your card information and – no one explained it to us and yes we asked. Anyway we just need to get use to it I suppose.

Right now the only way to chose another payment method on Steam (after you’ve saved your card info) is to remove card details from “Your account” page in the store.

I was planning to use e-mail screenshots of my conversation with the Valve worker but he did not agree to use his words so I will make it all quick and short for you guys, Valve contacted me, I’ve asked how is it the data stored and all and then got a reply with short explanation that Steam only asks for the code for the first time and then never asks for it.

Is it security wise?

Not really, I mean imagine this, you somehow lose your precious Steam account (hijacked, hacked – whatever) worth hundreds of dollars. Then someone logs in on your account and puts in some games like Valve pack and other expensive ones to the cart, then he uses this great feature of saving the card info (without asking for the CVV2 code afterwards) to buy them – and you’re probably sleeping in that moment.

Then, lets say the intruder downloads VAC secured games and cheats on all of them, he or she has loads of fun and after that logs off.

You wake up, login to Steam, find out that you: own loads of new games, lost all of your savings from your card and are VAC banned (but this is considered to be “delayed”).

So is this all making sense to you guys? I know it doesn’t for me.

And if anyone wonders, yes, I’ve asked about the prices in Europe.
And this time, no answer. Weird, eh?

In some more fun and exciting news our anniversary is coming up and I think you guys will like it! Stay tuned!

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  1. slay

    I have an idea about this VISA and instabuy issue.

    About security.
    When your IP is the same, you will not be bothered.
    But if your IP changes, you will asked for security code. So this will prevent massive buys when Steam account is hijacked.

    I believe that they are recording IPs, so adding one small if inside buying system is 5 minute task, but could be very useful and helping against account hijacking.

    So you may suggest this thing out to that Valve guy :)

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  2. stranded

    We can still have one I suppose?

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  3. slay

    infected versus survivors (devil)

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  4. Zuko

    Will we have an other TF2 match? SteamUnpowered versus Friends?

    No, something “better” ;-)

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  5. stranded

    slay your holiday crap is stickied – and please do not show the whole deals news expanded, i’ve created a cute image with ‘holiday deals’ on it when people click on it they can read it

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  6. slay

    sorry that I posted my holiday deal crap and now it appears before this post :)

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  7. Dragoon

    Just demanding to remove an information and to claim is false, but offer no disclose is really poor playing.

    If all what Valve got is unjustified demands and no interest in a real conversation, they should stop wasting your fucking time and spamming your mail box.

    BTW About the Anniversary: Will we have an other TF2 match? SteamUnpowered versus Friends?

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