Steam trading will require Steam Guard

Valve is fighting scammers? On December 12th, Steam Trading will require that your account has had Steam Guard enabled for at least 15 days before you can trade items. Anyone else exicted about winter sale? How about winter lottery on Steam Unpowered? :-)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Ricardo1

    Can’t wait for some nice discounts :D

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  2. pingupunk

    Winter lottery sounds great :)

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  3. Dragoon


    Good move. I always load my Steam Wallet before a sale. Not only a good action to limit your spending,
    but also Steam sometimes go nuts, when you go nuts, because you had like 10 credit card purchases in 3 days. :)

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  4. emrextreme

    Winter lottery!!! Yay!!!

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  5. rpg481

    I had the Guard enabled since the day I sign up for steam!! and yeah I would definitely like a Winter Lottery!!

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  6. Vortex

    do the Winter Lottery!

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  7. shakdude

    Definitely do the Winter Lottery! I am in need of games :P

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  8. ajaxmansion

    loaded my wallet with cash and wait :)

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