Steam Mobile beta giveaway begins soon!

To participate simply join our Steam Group and wait for the announcement.

Update #1:

First invite went to LTChaosLT. Congrats! Round two coming very soon…

Update #2:

We want you to make up a short story, leave a comment below or send us a direct message on our Twitter. We’ll pick the best story and post it here for everyone to read. GO!

Second winner is: Cake for this short story.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. N'Ben

    The One and Only Way:

    It was late at night and the storm had become worse over time, a group of people sat around a bonfire inside a barn, they were all strangers to each other and had sought shelter for the night. Although there was 6 people who were afraid of the weather, one was not. Because he had not come, because of the unimaginable rain, thunder and the wind that removed several trees down the road. He had a purpose, one that he had hoped had not been imposed on him. But when the storm began out of the blue just as he had been told, he realized it. He left his family without looking behind him and went down the road until his sight was caught by a stable. It was here it was to take place, the most unimaginable, relentless and terrifying vile event of all.

    They had all been sitting in the little barn for 3 hours, so one’d think everyone was voiceless. Without so much as a simple sound of someone, probably because they were all so afraid of the storm, that it would tear down the barn. Anything would help the stress, a simple story or a song maybe. But our destiny prisoners had had enough after 3 hours of terror of silence. He stood up, looked around at them all, through their eyes into their soul, and said these word with the boisterous thunder in the background; Steam will one day finally come to the iPhone, fate compels me to slaughter you all to recieve a simple story of a man who left everything behind to murder a number of sweet innocent travelers only so person from Denmark in the future will have greater chance to receive the one and only–beta key, a request the universe demands.

    The End.

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  2. Cake

    I was in the middle of a jungle, without food nor water, rounded by wild monkeys/jaguars/Apple fanboys, I knew I was about to die when I remembered I had my phone with me, I turned it on and noticed it had low battery, so I had to be fast, I could use my Skype but I’ve noticed that I forgot my password, and didn’t have time to request a new one so I opened my Steam app instead, thank Valve for the magic and wonderfull app, I send a PM to my best friend so he came and brought me to his home safe and fast, gave me cookiez with milk then brought me to my house, he saved my life. RIAIRIARIA – Said I, this phone application is great! I can now chat with my friends on phone (Took you time Valve >_>), and then I lived my life happy with.

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  3. SevereFlame

    Once upon a time lived a pig named Steam. He was happy playing and buying games that he bought , and enjoying them. He used to play them with his friends often , but he noticed his friends getting them for cheaper prices. He asked them “What the hell , guys? How are games so cheap for you?”. His friends responded “Oh , you’re from Europe , we’re from America , so we get cheaper prices AEHEAHAE.” The pig didn’t understand why they got games for a lesser price than him , so he took on a journey across seven lands and seven oceans until he finally reached his destination.

    The Valve HQ.

    He bravely travelled in , knocked the door open and yelled ” WHAT THE FUCK “. BUT , as we all know , pigs cannot speak , so the Valve employees would not understand him. They had a look at him and said “Aw , he’s cute” , and they let him stay there.

    But , one night , the pig had stayed up longer than the employees , who were already all asleep. He jumped to the keyboard and started changing the store prices to be swapped , Americans get European prices and vice-versa. After that , he went to sleep. The employees didn’t seem to notice it , so everything was fine and everyone was finally happy.

    Except for the Americans.

    The End.

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  4. Pur3Bolt

    One day Gabe Newell was walking around the park when he suddenly remembered about Steam. He was so relaxed that he thought about what he did with the US/EU prices. So he ran back to Valve Inc. and changed all the prices to be the same in the EU as in the US regions.
    He saved science!

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  5. Mailia

    There once was a competition of who of the entitled would receive a Steam Mobile beta invite. The evil overlords of a certain unnamed group posted an announcement of it and quickly were the Steam Community servers flooded with a flurry of messages. And thus did someone steal my invite, because the Steam servers are so slow that there’s no way to reply to it in a timely manner.

    Then they decided to ask people to create a short story, which was an even crazier idea from the evil overlords as no one would create anything usable. They also failed to grasp that the concept of direct messages on Twitter and that you can’t send them to people that aren’t following you.

    And thus was the last Steam Mobile beta invite lost forever and the users of Steam Unpowered finally got to use the service on the 21st of December, 2012.

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