Steam: Devil May Cry 4 was released, cheaper in Europe

Devil May Cry 4 was released today on Steam and it is cheaper in Europe than in America.

US: $29.99
UK: £14.99 (20% lower)
EU: 19,99€ (5% lower)

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  1. fix-cz

    It’s $21.5 (with 19% VAT) on Impulse. Steam = rip-off

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  2. Fox

    Still quite expensive, has been €10 here for a while now.

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  3. Rhonin the wizard

    For anybody who is interested in buying I suggest waiting a bit. There is a rumor that the Steam Christmas deals will start on the 24. And you may be able to get it for cheaper.

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  4. slay

    O M G!

    This is unbelievable!

    Make sure that our overwhelming happiness reaches social networks so others will know, how to please the customers :)

    PS. Please create new category “awesome” or something like that and add this into that cat :)

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