Steam: Client beta with new features

Check this out:

– Threaded network communication encryption/decryption work
– Improved caching of images/icons fetched over HTTP and used inside client UI (avatars, achievement images, etc)
– Windows 7 jump list improvements
– Improved Steam Cloud transfer protocol performance/reliability when syncing large files
– Consistency improvements for stats and achievements

Steam Forums post – report bugs here.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. stead

    jumplists are the future, i find it so much easier using them, load a gamewithin 2 clicks instead of having to go thru the ugly steam interface

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  2. stranded

    I actually think those jumlists are useless.

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  3. Dragoon

    I have to try out this beta. The ability to edit Win7 Jumplist is a great plus and the improvements to Steam Cloud are long overdue. Had a couple of incidents where stats where lost because Steam Cloud failed.

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