Steam and Origin servers hacked!

Steam has been hit by a DDoS attack, following a similar assault on EA’s Origin service. A pair of Twitter users have since claimed responsibility for connection issues experienced on Valve’s service.

It follows a hacker group taking responsibility for outages of EA’s Origin store. The publisher has since taken it servers offline to combat the issue.

Kotaku reports that Steam has suffered connection issues on both its store and community services through the night, and that one Twitter user stepped forward to announce their involvement.

Source: VG247

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  1. Puffy

    I’m pretty sure, the guy claiming responsibility for a DDoS attack on steam is just an attention seeking troll.
    The server’s probably were overloaded, because the holiday sale ended in addition to people wanted to get rid of their holiday trading cards, before they void.

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  2. noname

    How is a DDoS a hack?

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    1. Betonar

      Exactly. Just spreading nonsence.

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