Steam: 2 new releases, 2 pre-purchases

EA has released six more games on Steam, out of which only two have a good price for Europe.

Battlefield 2: Complete Collection

US: $29.99
UK: £14.99 (20% lower)

EU: 19,99€ (2% lower)

The Godfather 2

US: $39.99
UK: £24.99 (1% higher)

EU: 19,99€ (27% lower)

Two games can be pre-purchased that are have a fair price for Europeans.


US: $29.99 $26.99
UK: £27.99 £25.19 (49% higher)
EU tier 1: 21,99€ 19,79€ (8% higher)
EU tier 2: 20,99€ 18,89€ (3% higher)


US: $19.99$14.99
UK: £14.99£11.24 (19% higher)
EU tier 1: 16,99€ 13,24€ (30% higher)
EU tier 2: 14,99€ 11,24€ (10% higher)

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  1. Dragoon

    Yeah I bought BF2 Complete and BF2142 from too for 15$ each.
    Steam is still too expensive.

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  2. lackoo

    Why would you want to add a DRM free game ( Machinarium ) to Steam? Go buy it in somewhere else. (for example Impulse with the 20% coupon code)

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  3. Rad-86

    still lol @ ea.. i bought bf2 complete from site.. it cost me 15$ and i was able to download it via EA downloader… godfather is a lame game and price cannot save it..

    dreamkiller and machinarium, priced okay.. the first one named could have been cheaper in britain.. btw.. both are work of a czech developer
    interesting that these games use valve’s euro tiers.. O__o

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  4. Hun73rdk

    this must be a typo but all the boster packs a free now with new patch why pay for them

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  5. slay

    omg. battlefield 2 has very good price.

    This must be praised to heaven in twitter :)

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