Social shopping group for games (Steam games too!)

The guys from G-FORUMS have created the first social shopping group for videogames.

What are social shopping groups? Well, I think that most of you have heard about groupon, but let’s talk about that site anyway. Groupon offers you a lot range of cheap deals for a lot of cities and countries, the condition to get those really cheap deals is to have at least #number# of people who is interested in the deal and that subscribe (paying) to it. In case that the condition is passed, you’ll receive via email the voucher code for that deal.


Getter ( uses a similiar method, based on the number of people who subscribe to the deal, but the game price is based on the number of people who subscribed to the deal… So the more people gets in, the less you will pay AT THE END of the deal. On other hands, if only a few people subscribe to the deal, you will pay almost a retail price…

They started their project with Sequence, an indie music game, and the deal will end in 12 days. The current price is setted to 3$ (instead of 5$) and it may be lowered to 2$ in the following days. It all depends on you guys, so… go support this nice initiative and get a fantastic game for a cheap price :)

I would like to remember you guys that you’ll have to pay AFTER the deal is ENDED and the price will the same for everyone, so don’t worry to join now….

News thanks to f3d3r1c0mb4t

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I run this place! :D

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  1. I heard that they are working on more games. Hope there would be my taste among them.

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  2. This game is indeed cheap and I love it..

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