Rainbow Six Siege beta invites inside!

Update: That was FAST, all keys are gone. Thanks! :) Have a nice game!

Hey guys I’ve got 4 keys for Rainbow Six Siege Beta to giveaway so if you want one just leave a comment and I will send it to you. If you’re wondering the game is pretty fun especially in coop against computer AI which is pretty fun to play with. The keys are redeemable on UPlay.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Bernas85Banaas

    Pleasee please one key for me
    i love this game

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  2. jhon

    one pls :)

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  3. Kamikazii

    Sny keys left ? *.*

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  4. stranded

    The beta was extended to October 4th.

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    1. Srinivasan


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  5. Srinivasan

    I want one but tell me one thing today is the last day for beta right? day before yesterday i received a closed beta key from uplay but what use today its going to end right? or they are extending the beta days. I have closed beta key if this key gives me new access then send me or else just clarify my doubt i will play with my old key

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  6. kyle bown

    Hi Please can i have this would be ever so happy

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  7. stranded

    and last one sent to Akos! thanks guys that was FAST.

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  8. Akos Kovacs

    Hi I’d like one

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  9. stranded

    Also sent to Thex and Remus, 1 key left! ;)

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  10. Remus Sabin David-Crisan

    I would like one

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  11. stranded

    e-mail sent to folyqa, 3 invites left

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  12. Thex


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  13. folyqa


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