Poll time: Do you use EA’s Origin?

Just a simple question to you guys, out of curiosity:

Do you use Origin?

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  1. jikPr4

    Origin’s fine and so was the old EA Download Manger. I’ve registered most of my EA games so I’ll still be able to play my games even if I lose my discs. I’ve got only two complaints:

    1) If you can’t register your game through the Origin client, then you have to try on two other pages on EA’s site. Sucky thing is that those URLs aren’t mentioned in the Origin client, you have to go through a bunch of FAQs to get to the correct site.
    2) In general, pricing sucks.

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  2. glubbar

    I use Origin for Battlefield 3, but also registered some games on it just in case I don’t take the boxes with me when I move (Mass Effect 2 for example).

    Other than that, Origin still looks like a poor version of Steam, but I guess they can improve.

    They got to improve Battlefield 3 first though, this game looks like an unfinished console port to me. :(

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  3. slay

    Voted YES.

    All Red Alerts, all Dead Space’s, All Dragon Age’s, all Mass Effects, all Spore’s and Need for Speeds are in Origin.

    Because I was able to buy games with UK prices (read: lots cheaper than in other EU). And was able to apply vouchers that cut til 25% off the price.

    I am fucked, because all games have expensive euro prices :(

    There are still sometimes vouchers that can be used in the shop and get discount

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  4. dbsk

    Uninstalled it and wrote a kind hatemail to EA :)

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  5. Errepunto

    Other: I use it, but I don’t like it! I was young and I didn’t know anything about origin, an apparently nice time-limited offert… and I get fooled….

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  6. Jibece

    Other: Yes.
    Like Desura: I don’t “use” it to play my EA games but:
    – I register my game inside (from Steam or not)
    – For re-dl them if I don’t get the box or inside Steam
    – I think it will be more useful than Steam the day I want to lend them :d

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  7. pawelte1

    I only bought it to play BF3 Beta. Maybe I’ll use it for ME3 or BF3 if I get either of them.

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  8. comscier

    Don’t like it, I won’t use it just because of a few games.
    I will either buy games that requires no additional software/DRM
    or just use Steam.

    I have been on Steam for years, never had a problem
    I have not used Origin, but still, I have had plenty of problems with EA games.
    I might as well not buy anything from them.

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  9. kayman

    Only when I want to play Mirror’s Edge or Mass Effect..

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