Poll Time: Do you like DOOM Open Beta?

I wasn’t expecting much of this multiplayer beta. Actually I even forgot about it, launched it this morning and I was really surprised to see how much of a Call of Duty clone this is. Seriously, dance moves at the end of a match? Announcer that sounds like a pussy (at least in Polish translation)? It just plain fucking sucks.

This is a disaster, feels like a bad Unreal Tournament copy (it’s on Unreal Engine 4) but 2 times slower. You can’t even adjust the settings reasonably although the game runs perfectly fine on my GTX 960, the FPS is locked to 60. Lets just hope that the single player experience is going to be a lot better – do not pre-order though. What do you guys think?

Here are some more screenshots:

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Stick to Unreal Tournament open alpha if you’re looking for a good, modern arena shooter.

Do you like DOOM Open Beta?

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  1. Arcadelord

    I’m amazed to see such hatred being thrown at Doom. Indeed, the game feels slow if compared to Quake 3 Team Arena or Unreal Tournament. Yet, in my opinion, the game itself is alright because let’s not forget we’re talking about Doom here : an arcade shooter (my eyes are upon you @trancemansion) in which we play a Marine mowing demons down on Mars, and the main goal for many players has often been to complete the entire game as fast as possible without dying.

    Therefor when I see people hating this game for being “another arcade shooter” I believe the hypocrisy is real. The game used to be an arcade shooter (excepting for the weird Doom 3 and its expansion, it was rather a failed attempt at the horror genre) and we got exactly that, an arcade shooter. It’s fast, it’s violent, it’s crude, it’s filled with adrenaline and testosterone, it’s efficient. Don’t lie : I’m sure anyone who reached the Top 3 during a match pressed F1 at least once to taunt and humiliate his (or her) opponents with a few moves, just for the satisfaction.

    Another point that seems to come back on the list of “defaults” very regularly : people complain that it “looks like Halo” because of the character’s loadout (two weapons plus a gadget) and the fact that some employees from Bungie are now working for ID Software. Is it really a terrible thing, knowing that Halo has been a massively successful franchise overall (maybe we could forget about Halo ODST and Halo 4, though)?

    Yet I won’t deny the complaint made about the speed in this game : sometimes I was wondering if my character was actually running or walking, because it did feel slow, somewhat slug-ish (and here we could compare it to Call of Duty Black Ops 3 in which the pace is just right). I also acknowledge that some weapons are way more powerful than others : who would use the Lightning Arc Rifle or the good old Plasma Rifle, when one single shot from the Dual Barrel Shotgun at close range gets rid of any threat?

    In my opinion : a game that could avoid being a “disaster” or “absolute garbage” if the campaign proves to be worth our time and energy. It could also need several tweaks to the weapons currently available, and probably a few more calibers upon release (I love to choose the right tool for the job). Don’t forget the last detail : this is only an open beta, the developers are expecting feedback from us players, and not all the features have been implemented yet.

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  2. trancemansion

    Absolute garbage. Another Arcade Shooter. I expected some serious mature game, but we got another Call of Duty…

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