Poll Time: Battlefield Hardline

Hey are you playing the latest Battlefield Hardline open beta? If so please vote in our poll!

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Do you like Battlefield Hardline after playing the open beta?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. stranded

    Frostbite looked nice in the NFS Rivals but in this one it’s fucked up

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  2. hunshiki

    Feels like a huge blunder, covered up by EA PR and marketing.
    I played the alpha/first-open-version, it felt like crap. Vehicles, guns, animations… you name it.
    Now I downloaded the beta because I saw a youtube video where a guy was talking about how much they worked on the game (Visceral game) since the alpha.

    What changed? Well, drum-rollllls…. nothing.
    Sure, there is the three new map. They changed up a few things (radio in car, different UI elements)… but the biggest issues are unfixed.

    – Guns feel unfinished, weak. It’s like a one-man indie gun designer did this. Newbie at that, too.
    – Animations feel unreal, weird, wonky.
    – Cars are like soap bars. This is due to the Frostbite engine. It works for tanks, APCs and such. But for sport cars? SUVs? It’s really ugly.
    – Motorcycles / ATV: NO. NO. NO. Same as above. Even the bike added in BF4 worked silly. It’s no different.
    – Music in cars and things like that is just …dumb.
    – Money system is useless.
    – Sounds are crap. (It’s Valve sound bad, and that is something.)

    So sure, ignore ALL the facts that the game looks like a 5$ Unity engine based shooter… and let’s look at the game play. Because who cares about stuff when it plays right.
    Does it? NO.
    It’s a mosh pit, everyone running around crazy. It’s not that they are new to BF4 or Hardline… the maps / game modes are just “not working out”. APB got this right, Hardline didn’t even try.

    tl;dr: Don’t waste your money. Origin will offer the game discounted and with free trials in months.

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