No refunds, eh?

Another example that you can get a refund on Steam :-)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. aquaman

    Nice gesture from Steam. :)

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  2. Fox

    “steam 1 – steamhaters 0.
    once again”

    Oh also when they ban / remove people’s opinions from the forums. When they release games on steam that don’t work. When they put fake data on the top sellers list. Removing purchased products for charging back ( ie. totally illegal if it were a physical purchase ). When they ignore a whole continent, just because they make more money doing it the unethical way.

    Give us real refund policy ( and not on per case basis ) and realistic prices like retail stores, then I’d be ready to return the favor by buying from steam again. For now, steam is just not an appropriate business model for anyone with even average expectations. Maybe us non-Americans ask more value for our money, but aslong as I can get both better service and better prices elsewhere, I will not buy from Steam.

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  3. glubbar

    Good move from Steam, but it’s supposed to be a one time event only, as the message says.

    Good heads-up anyway.

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  4. Kossak

    good to know know steam support has some humanity left – they are really not machines! (well not always :))

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  5. stranded

    oh and yeah they told me I will get it only this one time as an exception, they even tell you that when you cancel a pre-order

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  6. rottencat

    Guy wasted $1000 on Steam and got some bucks refund, which was used buying another Steam game. I agree, Steam is a winner here :D, but “haters” lost nothing here.

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  7. stranded

    benetti32 that is not true, I got refund for Stubbs The Zombie and short after a while for Universe at War. I can even show you screenshots of e-mails if you want.

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  8. MarkAltair

    steam 1 – steamhaters 0.
    once again .

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  9. rottencat

    nice that the guy got his refund.

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  10. benetti32

    They do refund, but only once. I contacted them too, they refunded me but also told me that they won’t do it again.

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  11. Cheese

    There really aren’t refunds, but they’re not just machines; if there’s a case of someone who would have to be refunded for whatever reason, then they will.

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