New Steam UI poll – vote now!

Just a simple poll, do you like the new user interface beta? Got any suggestions for it? Leave a comment and if we’ll get enough of them maybe we could send over our ideas to Valve Software.

And here’s the poll:

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Do you like the new user interface?

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Also check out this thread with a lot of good suggestions (official Steam forums).

And here’s an official support/bug report forum.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Elbart

    Boooo, the new design broke the price-comparison greasemonkey-script. :(

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  2. slay

    several months ago I posted in weekend deals post here: info about playxpert@gamersgate

    and said so “It’s definitely worth to check this out. Now as Steam has some competition, maybe they start improve their medieval overlay system.”

    Now it is happened :)

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  3. m!nus

    Works now for me, it didnt actually crash on start but only took minutes the first time, now it starts quite fast and works alright, i like it.

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  4. LifeTimeKid

    i like the game grid menu :3 but i hope valve give us a chance to switch back to the old one

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  5. wiak

    you can have old list view just go to list then click on + and then deselect image :=)

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  6. stranded

    After a day I can safely say that it annoys me as hell and should be treated as very early alpha – not beta.

    Of course it’s better than the old one (any pixel drawn in MS Paint is) but it’s not handy at all, complicates a lot of things and works slower. Not even mentioning the wasted space.

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  7. XanderCz

    It’s buggy but I like it

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  8. Dragoon

    Be careful if you got Modern Warfare 2 installed. If you launch it while the beta is installed it will delete files, which makes the game unable to run. Even when removing the beta the game will be broken until you reinstall or do a “verify integrity of game cache”.

    Edit: I just noticed the Beta delete a couple of other files. Some icons in ..\Steam\steam\games and a file in L4D1 and some Half-life 2 Source related files. Doing now a full “verify integrity of game cache” of all my games. This will take awhile with over 100GB installed. :(

    Beside that sometimes my Friendslist had trouble to login. Showed the Sign-in button while I was already logged in and online.

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  9. Gokburt

    I agree with glubbar.

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  10. Spaqin

    I don’t like it.
    It’s slower than old Steam,
    it seems more complicated,
    I don’t like new sound when getting messages (it sounds webtwozero-ish ;)),
    I thought grouping games will be, hm, easier? Now I have to click right mouse button and edit the group for every single game, and still it’s bad, I thought the groups will be near (like in the screen in news) “Elementy Pobrane”…
    Nah, I prefer “old” Steam with Slate Colored skin…

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  11. m!nus

    Looks good except i don’t see any text on the menus and when i tried to change to german language and restarted, now it crashes on startup :(

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  12. glubbar

    For now I must say that the interface is really ugly and not appealing at all.
    I like the small, simplistic and discrete interface of the current Steam. I don’t see why they change it.
    We’re not playing on console! We are playing on PC damnit!

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  13. vempajor

    Other – I dunno, it’s crashing, cannot use it…

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  14. Fox

    I would prefer them working on real issues and supporting the customer’s rights rather than wasting money on a new UI.

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  15. Mavi

    Wow… it will take some time to get used to it…. but it’s step forward if it not interfere in FPS in games.. but maybe they should focus on those DRMs what some games have :< …. for example Wings of Prey… then doing Steam prettier, because prettier Steam = Steam without any additional DRM's 8-).

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