Microsoft sells partially functional games in Poland

Some really interesting stuff is going on in Poland right now, Microsoft started a really weird action in which they promote the original games for XboX 360…but XboX Live service (and Games For Windows Live) doesn’t work in Poland which is absurd because Polish gamers pay for their games the same amounts of money like any other nations do. Few people didn’t like the whole action so they made their own action, read about it below – written by Kuba Pilecki:

We would like to inform you about our action, that started recently due to the statement of Polish department of Microsoft, responsible for promotion of Xbox 360 in Poland.

We have started a project called “Nie sprzedaję wybrakowanego produktu – nie kradnę (I don’t sell partially functional product – I don’t steal from my customers)”, which was a reaction to an action started by Polish Microsoft. Our project was originally meant to be an answer to the action organized by Polish department of Microsoft, which was against hard-modding of the consoles and the piracy. Because one of the representatives of Microsoft advised, that the main reason for a LIVE subscription being unavailable in Poland is due to a piracy, we’ve decided to react. Now we are planning to start an international project called “We want LIVE”.

As the users of the original versions of the games for Xbox 360 console, we didn’t like the fact, that somebody was insinuating that because Polish gamers use illegal software, there will be no LIVE available for us. We do not agree with suggestions, that that is the case. We do not believe that the Polish gamers are responsible for lack of LIVE in Poland. We think, that after few years of waiting for the start of that service in our country, after dozens of promises
saying “wait one more month” – the time we’ve given is over. And that’s mostly thanks to the words of Mr Kuba Mirski.

We do want to make clear one more thing – we do not sympathize with piracy. As the users of original copies of the games we think it’s wrong and want to say that we are definitely against it. We do not want to advise anybody about advantages of one console over another as well. You might be able to find there some warm words about Sony Computer Entertainment Poland, which showed, that if you want – there’s nothing that can stop you from giving a network service similiar to the one that the rest of the world receives. Even if you are a big corporation.

What we want is to show the problem, that really exists. The issue that is ignored by the decidents of the Polish department of Microsoft. We would like to get answers for few questions, that no one in Polish game industry wanted to ask. Wanted or could.
Please remember, that this action is completely private initiative, and please treat it as it is.

What about you guys? Do you have problems with XboX Live/Games For Windows Live?

And one more thing, here’s the original Microsoft’s campaign page and the fan reaction page.

I hope they will bring Live to Poland thanks to this :-)

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  1. Hani Obaid

    Same thing in middle east. I feel like I got robbed blind by Microsoft. From now on I’ll check any pc game I buy. If it says windows live or has the windows live logo, I’m not buying it.

    This policy is completely racist. I understand if they decide to filter based on slow internet connection to preserve online gaming quality but using IP geolocation is just plain racism on Microsoft’s part. It’s unforgivable.

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  2. Crembo

    Greenland = Denmark.

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  3. stranded

    Steam Unpowered is an official Polish reaction group partner now.

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  4. Starter

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  5. 3stripes

    We don’t have Live in Romania either. I also think that PlayStation 3 does not support online for Romania (i’m not sure).
    This is the reason that I don’t buy a console yet and I buy some game I like the most and for the games I just want to try or I think don’t deserve my money I just get them from … :)

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  6. Dragoon

    Nice way of Microsoft to call it customers thieves and refuse them services.
    I’m not sure its about money.
    Putting a few servers up in each country doesn’t cost much, and you even have to pay for Xbox 360 Live Gold subscription. Only with a Xbox 360 Live Gold you can play online.
    The Silver Xbox Live service gives you access to voice chat as well as the Xbox Live Marketplace but you can’t play games online.

    MS is just a bunch of IP racist.

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  7. Amadeus

    I’m in Denmark, and I’m pretty sure it works quite well over here. Close ;)

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  8. gyokzoli

    I am from Hungary and guess what; Live doesn’t work here either, so I cannot play multiplayer on Live.

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  9. Kossak

    Even on PC i have problems with this shity GFWL. Either be it Universe at War, Dawn of War 2 i coudn’t play multi just because i was from Poland. I had to make UK account on GFWL and then it worked.

    I don’t have console yet, but I was wondering which console to buy in the future. Now i know – not xbox for sure.

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