List of good and cheap coop games on Steam Summer Sale

I figured that some of you like to play coop games with your friends just like I do. I always look for some good coop games on Steam during sales. I did a list to myself with a couple of original games I haven’t played before and decided to share it with you guys.

All of the games below have positive reviews and only one of them is Early Access. I always try to avoid those because I don’t want to support unfinished products. Here are the games!

Hero Defense €4.49

Looks like a nice combination of tower defense and coop!

Victor Vran €4.99

Looks like a Diablo wanna-be. Could be fun.

Age of Wonders 3 €7.49

I just remember the last game from long time ago and I guess it could be good, something like Heroes of Might and Magic?

The Red Solstice €7.99

Looks like Alien Swarm from Valve or Alien Breed from Team 17. Could be fun…

GAUNTLET Slayer Edition €4.99

I saw my friends playing this on Steam, looks like a pretty fun Diablo clone, works nice with a gamepad.

OMERTA City of Gangsters €4.99

From the makers of Tropico I think, looks like a nice mobster game where you run the city.

GRIM DAWN €18.74

From the makers of Titan Quest, and Diablo 2. This one looks solid!

How To Survive 2 €4.49 (Warning! Early Access)

Kill some zombies with friends (yes, again) but this time from different perspective.

That’s probably it for me, over the last 8 years I pretty much played every good or big coop game on Steam. If you just want to get other games go ahead!

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