Left 4 Dead 2 is now free on Steam

But all of Steam websites are dead now… Yay I guess. Nice move Valve. You can download it here when it comes back online.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. liquidsnake

    not free anymore !!!

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  2. Martin Ivanov

    da stuped servers can’t respond i can’t buy any game because of that promotion.

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    1. calmdownbro

      You won’t miss out anything.

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  3. WiZaRDuSS

    should’ve never made it free.. just make it cheap for the people who really cant or dont want to buy it at the normal price..

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    1. calmdownbro

      It’s repetitive, utterly boring. An overhyped game. I don’t even get how Valve sold so many copies.
      Even Versus turns into a boring “fight” just after a couple of matches.

      In my opinion they should have released it for free in the first place.
      There was nothing to pay for to begin with. (A couple dull maps, terrible sound effects, no music, way-oversimplified characters, boring zombies *. Just … meh. Killing Floor is an example of how it’s done right. Yeah L4D got a “story” (pfahaha, okay, KF may have a similar one as well), but it’s nothing mindblowing. Hurr people, hurr zombies, shoot and survive.)

      I hate how Valve cannot make FUN games that are FUN. (yeah, fun is just a buzzword, but c’mon!)

      * The “director” is not bad, but nothing impressive either. A block of code and it’s implemented in a game like L4D2. Of course the actual amount of effort required depends on many things, but it’s nothing breathtaking either.
      And just dynamic diff (dynamic + artificial) cannot really turn a grindfest into something fun.

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