Latest Steam’s hardware survey shows 20% of users running Windows 8

Here are the OS stats from the latest survey – remember though, the survey is optional and not every single Steam account is checked and not every gamer in the world uses Steam. So… Linux accounts for 1.07% of polled users (which should be rising by now thanks to SteamOS), while Mac has over triple that at 3.36%. Mysterious 0.71% in the “Other” category could belong in the Linux area.

Windows 7 accounts for a 63.35% share of polled users. The only OS making any significant gain in the charts is Windows 8. All told, 19.97% of accounted systems used Windows 8, with 8.83% of those running 8.1.

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Do you use Windows 8?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Neto Yo

    Yes, I use it but i don’t love it. Thanks :)

    It just came with my laptop and i don’t want to mess up with the UEFI loader to install my linux distro.

    Anyway i use my pc exclusively for games that support windows only so, why change it?.

    Still don’t love it, still crash every once in a while, like any other windows OS version.

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  2. Alex Woinder

    once u bypass metro, windows 8 suddenly is a good and also better OS compared to Windows 7

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  3. calmdownbro

    Making such a vote option as “Yes I love it!” when the internet is full of paid posters…

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    1. stranded

      I can add any option you want :P

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      1. calmdownbro

        There goes my “lazy internet reading habit” again.
        I thought you wrote “any option I want”, then I wrote, that you should check your privilege.

        I should check mine. Again. Third time this day.

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  4. jibaycay

    Yes, I use it, and I love it (but it still sucks :d).

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